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The Prologo KYLMA: New Ultra-thin Winter Gloves

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The Italian company Prologo, a company that’s known for its Tour-winning saddles, brings us a new winter riding glove. The KYLMA is a new glove that targets the die-hard cyclist who won’t let winter rain or bitter cold keep them from a ride.

The new Kylma glove is said to be windproof and water-resistant and specifically designed for cycling during cold winter days. Prologo says they are made with “state-of-the-art, ultra-thin, ‘Thermal Textile’ materials and tested by top pro teams”.

Prologo KYLMA riding

The thinness of the Kylma Glove is said to be ideal to endure a great fit and keep sensitivity on the handlebars. The back of the glove, the part of the glove most exposed to the elements, is made of “Thermal Textile”. This is a fabric composed of 3 different ultra-thin, overlapping layers. This technology has already proven to be successful in cross-country skiing and biathlons.

The Klyma Glove Construction

  • The windproof and water-resistant outer layer creates the first insulating and protective shield against cold air and water.
  • The thermal middle layer protects against the cold outside and retains internal heat, allowing you to ride in even “near-zero temperatures”
  • The last inner layer in contact with the hand is fleece-lined to allow the skin to breathe and absorb sweat, thus protecting against moisture and wetness.
Prologo KYLMA sprinting

The palm of the glove is designed to ensure maximum riding feel. It’s made of elastic PU leather, with the addition of rubber inserts at the center of the palm. These rubber inserts are said to allow for “maximum grip on the handlebars and levers even when wet”.

Prologo KYLMA holding saddle

The elasticized cuffs have a medium height, which looks ideal for overlapping jacket sleeves and covering the wrists well. Prologo says they made sure the cuffs weren’t too bulky and restricting of your movement.

Designed for winter racing and training, the Kylma Glove has been “tested and perfected”, by gathering “valuable feedback from world tour athletes such as Matej Mahoric (Bahrain Victorious) and Biniam Girmay (Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert) and off-road teams that use them in races”.

One of the first champions that Prologo says contributed to the development of their gloves says: “As soon as I wore the new Kylma Glove, I immediately appreciated their comfort and palm grip. Despite the lightness of the materials, they manage to provide excellent protection from the cold even on descents in temperatures close to zero degrees”.

Prologo KYLMA drinking

Kylma Gloves Retail and Availability

Retail: €49.00 ($53 usd)

The new Kylma Gloves are available now. Or search for your favorite Prologo Dealer here.

Or search all that Prologo has to offer at the link below.



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