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Everything You Need to Know about PCNOK (Patient Care Network of Oklahoma)

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Nowadays, technological innovation and solutions improve the efficiency of every sector. Similarly, the healthcare sector benefits significantly from technological improvements that aid in providing the best health management systems as well as remote services. It is the best digital health help for often ill as well as elderly individuals in the sectors of healthcare and rehabilitation. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, movement restrictions, social distance, and sedentary lifestyle-related pathologies have created a demand for internet healthcare solutions to monitor health-related concerns remotely.

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is a one-stop solution for remotely providing you with the best support in healthcare institutions. In this post, we’ll go into the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma in greater detail.

What exactly is the Patient Care Network?

The is an alliance of 19 Oklahoma community healthcare centers created in 2014 in the United States with the goal of providing the most excellent and sophisticated healthcare facilities to all patients through innovative healthcare processes and increased team collaboration.

Then, a clinically integrated network is always trying to deliver healthcare change, such as novel ideas and innovations, healthier people, and high-quality care. Aside from that, the organization promotes a variety of mutual contractual interests, such as the purchase of members’ interests.

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma employs 25 people who are all dedicated to providing the best healthcare services possible to everyone. They work with other organizations to provide the best therapy for each patient and to receive data from other organizations. Aside from that, they work with other organizations to improve healthcare services.

Over 500 customers, from small enterprises to government agencies, use the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma believes that enhancing the value of healthcare is vital for any society’s improvement.

How Does It Function?

PC is a patient-beneficial medical technology solution. This feature allows for remote monitoring of the patient’s health status. It is a technological advancement that enables healthcare personnel to treat patients discharged from the hospital or suffering from chronic pain. This technology allows doctors to provide the best practical care to patients undergoing long-term treatment. Patients must be thoroughly monitored at all times.

History of Patient Care Network of Oklahoma

It has members from 77 different countries. They provide mental health, vision, and dental care. They are a well-known health-technology firm. They employ over 25 people and use technology such as Font Awesome, reCAPTCHA, and GoDaddy Web Hosting. The organization is a good choice for all healthcare needs. Learn more about the mission, aims, and services if you consider it a potential new healthcare provider.

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare delivery by leveraging technology and care teams. The business also works to cut costs while improving care quality. In addition to health care, the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma offers consultancy services to help companies to improve their performance and health outcomes. Its mission is to improve the healthcare industry for patients.

The Mission of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma

The Patient Care Network strives to be involved in every stage of life, from prenatal to senior care.


 has three primary missions to improve healthcare services:

  • Improved healthcare through creative thinking
  • People’s health must be improved.
  • Provide better spending options

In plain terms, the primary goal of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is to provide patients with convenient access to high-quality healthcare at a cheap cost for the benefit of society. They offer mutual contracting interests to do these jobs. It also focuses on clinics, doctors, and hospitals.

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma’s main focus

It is the business behind the investigation program, Mediation, and care coordination data. It follows and completes the many model types for the primary association’s basis and has different award categories.

You might be astonished to learn that total revenue is less than $5,000,000, which is much lower than the market average.

  • Everyone Has Access

It’s members recognize patients with personal protection, self-care, Medicaid, or Medicare. Furthermore, as part of the 200 percent impoverishment, they offer monetary discounts to patients. Anyone can acquire this offer if the patient’s employment and situation have been established.

  • Solutions and Innovations

Every member works as a team to create additional improvements in the care delivery business, including mental health, health coaches, telemedicine, and care teams. They strive to improve numerous elements of healthcare.

  • Comprehensive Prevention and Primary Care

In 63 urban and rural sites, It has offered comprehensive medical care and preventative range administration. They also receive several mental health services in the areas of vision, dentistry, and mental health.

  • Impact

PCNOK assists people from 77 different nations. Furthermore, the Oklahoma network helps people from other states. They make sure that their care approach includes as many people as possible. It has had a profound impact on a wide range of people.

  • Leadership

It is exploring new methods to support everyone through its network by merging healthcare social determinants with local energy and intervention ideas.

International Medical Assistance

PCNOK is a global healthcare network that covers over 60 countries. The group provides in-depth information about care coordination, health insurance, and reimbursement. It collaborates with providers to offer high-quality, low-cost health care. Among its advantages are its revolutionary telehealth services. Furthermore, it provides consulting and educational opportunities to assist enterprises in improving their commercial performance and their patients’ health. It also provides access to clinical benefits and a variety of payment mechanisms.

Since its inception in 2010, the company has grown to serve over 500 clients. Its offerings include telemedicine and care teams, centered on innovation and development. Hospitals and physicians are their primary industries. The company will provide consultation services to organizations in a range of sectors in order to assist them in enhancing the quality of their services and revenue. There are numerous advantages for the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, and its leaders believe it is a worthwhile investment.

The Primary Advantage of Patient Care Network of Oklahoma

  • The network ensures that each patient receives the best possible care from the comfort of their own home. The network follows the patients, monitors them, and intervenes when needed.
  • It enables healthcare personnel to be more creative while also monitoring more patients from the hospital’s operation centre.
  • Patients’ families and caregivers may rely on the network’s daily monitoring to ensure that health professionals are informed of what is going on with them and can respond quickly if necessary.
  • Patient Care Network of Oklahoma bridges the gap between patients and doctors. It helps to lessen the demand for emergency rooms as well as the load on the area.

Facts and Figures

  • With a total turnover of $1.1 million, key industries include hospitals, physicians, and clinics.
  • Compared to other firms, Patient Care Network of Oklahoma’s market share and revenue growth is pretty low.
  • It has only 25 employees and is growing at a glacial pace.


After reading the entire text, you most likely know everything there is to know about the PC organisation. Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is a network committed to improving Oklahoma’s healthcare through innovative and digital methods. They want to provide the best medical treatment available to patients, whether at home or in hospitals or clinics.

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