Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Limited Edition Priority Joker is a Belt Drive, Fixed Gear, Crit Racing Beast

Limited Edition Priority Joker is a Belt Drive, Fixed Gear, Crit Racing Beast


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Where to start with the Priority Joker? First off, with some steez. You don’t just tool around with a 70T chainring and no brakes without a little attitude.

After that, if you’re taking cues from Priority, you just need to get hyped. The Joker is “the company’s answer to ‘how fast can we make a belt-drive racing bike?’ The answer is really damn fast! This crit racer fixie, no-brake terror on the track is coming soon,” the company said in a press release.

Soon means March 20 (Monday, for all you calendar hounds out there). The belt-drive bike drops with just 100 units in the first run. Distribution takes place via code. Register on the website, and you’ll receive a code that gives you a limited time to fork over the $1,399 MSRP. New codes disburse every 24 hours until the 100 Jokers are no more.

priority joker dropout

Along with the Gates Carbon Drive belt and gigantic ring, you’ll find an alloy frame, tapered carbon fork, and 20mm setback seatpost, all geared toward “aggressive geometry.” It rides on 60mm carbon rims with Goodyear’s Eagle F1 performance rubber.

priority joker, side view

When you’re all gas, it only makes sense that you’re also no brakes. Don’t expect to lever this one to a stop with anything but back pressure on the pedals.

The Joker’s a rare bird fetching a decent price, but still, I bet some will miss out on the first run of 100. There’s one recourse: Those in the New York City area can book a Joker test ride with the brand’s race team.



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