Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Tifosi Optics Launches First ‘Rimless Shield’, the all-new Rail Sunglasses

Tifosi Optics Launches First ‘Rimless Shield’, the all-new Rail Sunglasses

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Tifosi Optics is getting down to the bare minimum with their latest, and first-ever “rimless cycling shield”.

Man wearing Tifosi Rail sunglass frames holding a bicycle.

The Rail is Tifosi’s first rimless cycling sunglass frame.

The Tifosi Rail is a lightweight set of shades that provide wide coverage in a variety of frame colors including: Blackout, Crystal Blue, Midnight Navy, White Black and Matte Black.

While the rimless design may be minimalistic, the features of the frames and lenses are not.

Tifosi Rail in Crystal Blue.

Tifosi Rail in Crystal Blue.

The Rail weighs in a 32 grams, and features a hydrophilic rubber nose that keeps the glasses in place and dampens bouncing. Both the nose and earpieces are adjustable, providing a snug, realizable fit with wide coverage and breathability.

They also come with polycarbonate, scratch-resistance and shatterproof lenses.

Tifosi Rail in Blackout.

Tifosi Rail in Blackout.

Each pair of Rail Interchange models come with three lenses for different lighting scenarios, including Smoke, AC High Contrast in red or yellow, and clear. Tifosi also offers Fototec models that shift from darker to lighter tints in changing conditions.

Unlike other cycling frames that land in the $200 category, the Rail goes for MSRP $80.



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