Electric Vehicles For India News & Reviews MATE SUV electric cargo bike is the family car of the e-bike world

MATE SUV electric cargo bike is the family car of the e-bike world

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Electric bike maker MATE is perhaps best known for its compact folding electric bikes. But much like the automotive world, this e-bike company has bigger aspirations. And in the case of the upcoming MATE SUV electric cargo bike, those are aspirations are pretty darn big.

The MATE SUV e-bike is designed to haul so much that it needs an extra wheel, turning it into an electric trike.

But unlike most delta trikes we’ve seen (the kind with two wheels in the back), the MATE SUV is a tadpole trike with two wheels in the front.

That offers a double whammy of making the e-bike more stable and also offering a huge front cargo bucket that’s perfect for loading up with gear or kids.

Designed for the European market, the e-bike comes with European-level specs such as a 25 km/h (15.5 mph) top speed. Unlike in North America, most European countries have stricter e-bike regulations that result in lower top speeds.

And the MATE SUV is European through and through, as the company explained:

“Reimagined in Denmark, inspired by the Danish biking culture and engineered together with multiple award-winning Germano studio Zanzotti Industrial Design, this is the alternative that will change the way you move. The MATE SUV will redefine your journey and propel forward a movement of people who want to take back the streets.”

That’s exactly the type of job that this e-bike is designed for: taking back the streets from cars. And to do so, the MATE SUV was designed to be both functional and versatile.

That resulted in an e-bike that serves multiple roles for carrying everything from groceries to passengers.

As the company continued:

“Imagine the feeling of moving freely through the static obstacles of traffic. Imagine making the run for groceries fun again or taking the ride with your kids to a whole new level. Imagine never paying a parking ticket ever again. Imagine a vehicle that, for once, can challenge the way we move without selling out of the comforts of short commutes. Imagine if we together could ignite a movement of people who change how we get form A to anywhere. Imagine a carrier that can change to fit the purpose of many different needs. Imagine a vehicle that will move more than your goods. This is the SUV reimagined.”

The e-bike, which is built with a frame that uses 90% recycled aluminum, is designed to fit a wide range of rider heights from 160-210 cm (5’3″ to 6’10”). The front bucket is intended to carry either two children or one adult. If your precious cargo consists of things instead of people, the bike can fit up to 210 L (55.5 gallons). And a set of hydraulic brakes helps bring all of that mass to a stop quickly and safely.

For visibility, an LED light bar in the front and rear of the cargo area helps make sure other road-users see the e-bike and its occupants.

That mid-drive motor with built-in torque sensor better be powerful to move all of that cargo around, and it certainly looks up to the task with a 90 Nm torque rating. It may come with a 250W sticker on the side, but that’s just for regulations. This sucker is definitely putting out way more peak power than it’s letting on.

The included battery is also rated for up to 100 km (62 miles) of range per charge, meaning rider’s likely won’t be stuck pedaling without the support of electric assist.

In addition to building an effective cargo e-bike, MATE’s CEO Thomas Vuillez explained that it was just as important to build something that would be both cool and fun to ride:

“We wanted to bring something exceptional to the market as it is in our DNA to make e-biking cool and fun. The MATE SUV is something that was born out of our curiosity about how we move and to challenge the known ways of running errands and making short trips. The reliance on a car is considerable and reducing that is a growing need of the day.”

The MATE SUV isn’t in production yet (and its unclear if the company has any real prototypes or if these are all just digital product renderings). But that hasn’t stopped MATE from taking pre-order reservations.

Riders can already reserve their spot in line to purchase the MATE SUV for €49 (approximately US $52), which also grants them a 20% discount on the expected price of €6,499 (approximately US $6,850).

If MATE sticks to their current schedule, the company expects to begin delivering the e-bikes to customers in Q3 of 2023.

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