Electric Vehicles For India News & Reviews RadRunner 2 launched by Rad Power Bikes, updating popular utility e-bike

RadRunner 2 launched by Rad Power Bikes, updating popular utility e-bike

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The RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes broke new ground upon its release two years ago. It became the first widely successful utility e-bike from a major manufacturer, spawning many imitators in the process. The e-bike has remained a staple of Rad’s lineup of electric bicycles ever since, and it is now getting an update in the form of the RadRunner 2.

The RadRunner 2, which was just announced this morning, carries over much of what riders know and love from the original RadRunner.

The step-through frame is largely the same, though the geometry has been altered to bring it closer to the popular RadRunner Plus. A more laidback head tube angle mimics a similar angle offered by the longer suspension fork on the RadRunner Plus.

While the RadRunner 2 doesn’t have the same suspension offered by the fancier Plus version, it does draw inspiration from its ride comfort. To create a more plush ride, the RadRunner 2’s saddle has been upgraded with an extra 15 mm of cushioning. That’s a whole half-inch of butt-bouncing goodness, making the somewhat funny-looking flat saddle a bit nicer on the tush.

The odd look to the saddle is no accident. It’s designed that way to fit nicely with the Passenger Kit accessory that turns the RadRunner 2 into a two-person e-bike. Or, as I found when I tested that package on the original RadRunner with my two young nephews, it can be a three-person e-bike as long as riders #2 and #3 are sufficiently pint-sized. And with the inclusion of a new accessory, Rad Passenger Bars, the RadRunner 2 will be even more comfortable for rear passengers.


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