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The LAST TARVO V2 Increases Travel, Still Claims to be the World’s Lightest Enduro Bike


In 2020 LAST introduced the TARVO, claiming it was the lightest enduro bike in the world. Today they’re announcing the TARVO V2, which offers more travel, a redesigned rear triangle, updated carbon layups, and still claims to be the lightest enduro bike available. The LAST TARVO V2 is handmade in Germany and is a limited edition bike with only 100 frames slated for production per year.

The TARVO V2 is a clean-looking machine with some unique touches and a lot of potential versatility. Many riders will notice the lack of a traditional pivot in the rear end, which has been replaced by a flex pivot. What your eyes won’t see is the modular frame design; by swapping the rocker arm, the TARVO V2 can run 29” or mixed wheels, but also morph itself to match three other bikes in LAST’s lineup. On top of that TARVO V2 build kits are widely customizable, right down to the paint job.

LAST TARVO V2 Frame Details:

Last Tarvo V2 world's lightest enduro bike

The new TARVO V2 offers 160mm of rear travel with 29” wheels, or 170mm with a 27.5” rear wheel. The updated frame can now run up to 180mm forks (170mm or 180mm is recommended). The frame accepts Trunnion-mounted 205x65mm rear shocks, and they’re compatible with RockShox, Fox, EXT, and Intend shocks. Other rear shocks may work but must be checked for frame clearance. Of course, the most interesting thing about the TARVO V2’s suspension is the flex pivot in the rear triangle… more on that below.

The TARVO V2 boasts a super light carbon frame: Weights start at 2.1kg (4.62lbs) for 165 and 175 sizes, and only go up to 2.3kg for the largest 195 size. LAST says complete bike weights start at 12.4kg (27.3 lbs).

The frames come with a six-year warranty against defects but do have a specified rider weight limit of 120kg (264.5 lbs) so they’re OK for most, but not all riders! Should you damage a frame LAST offers a crash replacement program for the first three years of ownership, which gets you replacement parts at half price.

Last Tarvo V2 rocker link

LAST’s modular frame design allows you to swap the TARVO V2’s rocker arm with a few different options: One optional rocker arm allows for an MX wheel setup, but other rockers convert the TARVO V2 into a LAST CINTO (all-mountain), ASCO (trail) or CELOS (downcountry).

The rocker arms have the necessary mounting washers integrated so they conveniently can’t fall out, and the lower mounting hardware is made from titanium. In the frames, LAST uses large Enduro bearings and beefy hardware in their main pivots and rocker arms. Threaded inserts are made from titanium.

Last Tarvo V2 storage in downtube

LAST’s TARVO V2 provides a generous amount of in-frame storage. The bike comes with two matching bags that allow you to use the entire down tube, right from the head tube to the BB shell. The tool-free lid for the storage compartment is held on by magnets, which are apparently strong enough to stay put on rough trails – even with a full large water bottle attached to the cover’s mount.

The TARVO V2 features internal cable routing with guide tubes in the front and rear triangles. To reduce movement and keep shifting performance optimized, the cable routing stays close to the main pivot where it exits the front triangle and enters the rear.

chain stay pivot protector

The TARVO V2’s rear end can fit tires up to 2.5” wide (27.5” or 29”) and uses Boost 148mm axle spacing. The frame is only compatible with 1x drivetrains, and can fit up to 36t front chainrings. LAST employs a threaded BSA bottom bracket with a removable ISCG 05 adapter for chain guides or bash guards. One thoughtful finishing touch is how the frame’s bottom bracket shell is sealed off internally so water can’t get into it from the down tube or seat mast.

LAST has adopted SRAM’s UDH universal derailleur hanger for the TARVO V2, and the new rear triangle is compatible with direct-mount derailleurs. The seat mast accepts 31.6mm posts, and the rear brake post mount is 180mm.

Chainstay guard

To protect the frame LAST includes noise-cancelling rubber chainstay and seatstay protectors, plus the right chainstay comes wrapped with a clear protective film. A carbon down tube and BB shell protector also come on the TARVO V2; to avoid weak points around mounting screws, the protector is glued on with a double-sided adhesive foam that helps absorb impacts.

One nice thing to know is LAST says they will keep spare parts like frame guards, hardware, and bearings available for the long term.

custom paint last Tarvo

If it’s the TARVO V2’s weight that’s catching your eye, you’ll likely want to go with the raw finished frame. Adding paint is an option, but it’ll add 90g to the frame. The raw frame is protected by a sealant that is UV-stable and unaffected by sunlight. There are four standard paint color options (grey, green, pink, and blue) but custom colors and more complex designs are also available. 


Last Tarvo v2 rear brake

The most interesting aspect of the TARVO V2’s suspension is the lack of a rear pivot. Instead, a flex pivot on the seatstays just above the dropouts allows the frame to bend as the suspension compresses. LAST says despite the TARVO V2’s long travel, the flex pivot is minimally stressed during compressions due to the positioning of the frame’s other pivots. LAST touts the fact that this design has no play, suffers no wear and needs no maintenance, and saves weight.

To allow the frame to flex, the rear brake caliper is mounted inboard and below the flex pivot. The TARVO V2’s rear end is a bit curvier than the V1’s and can accept up to 203mm rear rotors.

last tarvo v2 anti-squat

LAST’s progressive suspension curve aims to offer sensitivity and a supportive mid-stroke. They have specifically tuned the progression from the sag point to end-of-travel so the bike will work well with air or coil shocks. Anti-squat is adjusted for each frame size; LAST alters the position of the pivots according to the rider’s estimated center of gravity, keeping the intended pedaling efficiency of the bike more consistent across all frame sizes.

Last Tarvo anti-rise

LAST has determined an anti-rise value of just above 100% is ideal for the TARVO V2, and by adjusting the position of the swingarm pivot on each frame they’ve ensured this stays consistent across all sizes (as they did with anti-squat). LAST says this tune allows the suspension to perform neutrally with no influence from braking, keeping rear traction optimized.


Last Tarvo V2 Geometry

LAST’s frame sizing is listed as the suggested rider height for each – for example, the 165 model means it should fit someone roughly 165 cm tall. There are four sizes – 165, 175, 185, and 195 which more or less line up with most brands’ S/M/L/XL. Now, those numbers are just a guideline; LAST keeps their seat masts short so riders can choose their size based on reach preferences, rather than standover height. Standover only varies by 6mm from the smallest to the largest frame.

Reach numbers aren’t super long, with a 175 frame at 449/454mm and a 185 measuring 480/485mm (reach shrinks or grows by 5mm depending on fork length). A 170mm fork gives the TARVO V2 a 64° head angle, while a 180mm fork slacks that out to 63.6°.

Riding the Last Tarvo V2

LAST says their balanced reach and chainstay lengths provide a lively, playful ride. Chainstays do grow for the larger two frame sizes, but the 165 and 175 frames share the same rear end length.  Effective seat tube angles, optimized for each frame size, range from 75.6° to 76.5° depending on fork length.

The TARVO V2’s BB drop is 27mm (170 fork) or 24mm (180mm fork). Stack heights vary from 617mm (165 frame) to 649mm (195 frame).

Should you choose an MX build this increases rear travel by 10mm and lowers the rear axle making it more agile in corners and easier to lift the front end. An MX setup only alters the steering and seat angles by 0.2°.

Build Options:

black Last Tarvo V2 Frameset

Not only are framesets and complete bikes available, but LAST will also customize a semi-built rolling chassis for you if desired.  TARVO V2 framesets start at 4399€/$4668 USD (raw finish without rear shock). Framesets with rear shocks start at 4968€/$5,271 USD.

Blue Last Tarvo V2

Complete TARVO V2 pricing starts at 6869€/$7,288 USD, but if you want one painted that surcharge starts at 399€/$423 USD. Using LAST’s online configurator, each buyer can select the components they want for their custom-built bike, plus choose the decal colors. The configurator displays an estimated delivery time based on the components chosen for the build. International shipping is available but if you can pick up your bike in Dortmund you can get it built up, and go for a free guided introductory ride on it.

TARVO V2 framesets and complete builds will be available in May. Check out LAST’s website for all the available build options. 



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