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See how e-bikes are built here in America

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Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit the sprawling new production facilities for California-based Electric Bike Company (that’s an advantage to being an early mover in any industry, you get to pick the good names). The company has been building electric cruiser bicycles in Newport Beach since the mid-2010s. And as founder Sean Lupton-Smith proudly explained to me as I toured the factory grounds, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

This isn’t my first time visiting Electric Bike Company. Nearly two years ago I toured the previous EBC factory to learn about how e-bikes were being built in the US.

Back then, the company was able to fit inside just one facility, though it was obvious it was bursting at the seams and using every cubic foot of space available (frames and wheels were literally hanging from the rafters several layers deep).

That was also weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the US and turned many industries on their heads, including e-bikes. Sales of electric bicycles exploded as Americans sought out new forms of socially distant transportation and new ways to enjoy themselves during lockdowns.

As the e-bike industry expanded rapidly, so did Electric Bike Company. Newport Beach is known for many things, but manufacturing is not one of them. That meant to find enough space for its sprawling e-bike production requirements, the company had to move into multiple buildings around town.

Electric Bike Company’s operations are now spread across a half dozen buildings all within a few minutes of each other – an easy electric bike ride. Most contain e-bike production lines where the specially trained staff assemble e-bikes to order based on customers’ bespoke requests. Some contain specialty areas like wheel building sections, paint shops, and wood shops for producing custom fenders and chain guards, not to mention multiple e-bike showrooms.

And that’s a big part of EBC’s advantage: local production means being able to build one-off e-bikes at nearly the same cost as its standard models.

EBC’s electric cruiser bikes are available in several variations with step-through and step-over frame styles. Each model has a number of options for both the functional and aesthetic components. All of the options are selectable by customers during the order process, either online or in the company’s nearly 100-strong dealer network.

The options for customization cover literally every inch of the bike. There are probably tens of thousands of combinations if you were to do the math.

Multiple batteries of varying sizes can be added to several different locations on the bikes, offering up to 200 miles (320 km) of range in the fully-loaded option.

Riders can select many of their components like the drivetrain, fenders, and baskets that come pre-installed.

Metal trim colors such as the seat post, handlebars, rims, spokes, chainring, and pedal cranks can be selected.


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