Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes These 48 Companies were just awarded the Bicycle Friendly Business Status

These 48 Companies were just awarded the Bicycle Friendly Business Status

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The League of American Bicyclists is an organization that’s been around since 1880, formerly known as the League of American Wheelmen. The League celebrates the role that bicycle-friendly businesses play in car-free transportation by awarding the Bicycle Friendly business status to companies for their work to make biking an easier option for more people.

This is obviously a good thing. One less car is an easy enough goal to attain by simply starting your car less and taking your bike more places. And if employers could simply make it more attractive for employees to ride to work, that could make a huge impact.

League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Business

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All of the businesses that have been awarded join a movement of 1,527 total Bicycle Friendly Businesses (BFBs) across all 50 states and Washington, D.C. This represents 47,922 employees and is all part of the League’s mission to build a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone!

Honoring our Bicycle Friendly Businesses shortly following World Car Free Day reminds us why the Bicycle Friendly America program, as well as our ‘Drive Less, Bike More’ challenge, has gotten so many people excited to participate: people want to work at, live in and visit places where getting to everyday destinations car-free is possible, and when they can, the business outcomes are not only better — life is better for everyone,” said Bill Nesper, executive director of the League of American Bicyclists. “BFBs are making car-free transportation trips more possible for more people and we are proud to honor their efforts.

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The Summer 2022 round of awards for Bicycle Friendly Businesses includes 33 organizations that are new to the program, with seven BFBs earning upgraded awards and eight renewing their previous award level. There were also five organizations earning Honorable Mentions.

In this round, one of the five Platinum-level awards given, Meta (formally known as Facebook, Inc) HQ, located in Menlo Park, California, renewed its Platinum status. Meta as well as three other Bay Area Meta locations in Fremont, San Francisco, and Sunnyvale earned Platinum status as first-time applicants, as did bike shop Wheel & Sprocket in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Check out the full list of new and renewing businesses here.

What they believe is that “bicycling brings people together, and when more people ride bikes:
Life is better for everyone; Communities are safer, stronger, and better connected; Our nation is healthier, economically stronger, environmentally cleaner and more energy independent.”

Their vision: “We envision a nation where everyone, whether they bike or not, recognizes and enjoys the many benefits and opportunities of bicycling and where everyone can experience the joy of bicycling.

And the League’s mission is: “To create a bicycle-friendly America for Everyone, improving lives and strengthening communities through bicycling.”

If you love the bicycle and want to spread the love, they encourage you to become a League Member and join here!

Check out more of this great organization below.



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