Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Moots nails the Apex with new titanium frame finishes to honor its past

Moots nails the Apex with new titanium frame finishes to honor its past


With “new” embellishments dropping today, Moots throws it back to its ‘80s Colorado roots. The Steamboat Springs builder’s finishes adorn its signature titanium frames with historical nods to the local cycling culture and plenty of retro flash.

“Mr. Moots,” the brand’s iconic mascot, of course makes prominent appearances throughout the lineup.

Moots rolls out the goods on various platforms. The Vamoots RCS (Routt County Special) roadie and Routt 45 grave bike lead the way. The Vamoots is tailor-made to tear it up around Steamboat and absorb some punishment on gravel tours in the hinterlands. The Routt 45 frame has clearance for tires up to 50mm.

Prices vary among the treatments; we set them up from highest to lowest (which happens to be scot-free). Check it out.


Moots’ blobby camo finish draws from the classic M1942 camouflage — AKA “Frog Skin” or “Duck Hunter” — and employs the brand’s palette and techniques.

moots bikes

The brand used a method of masking and anodizing over satin bead blast for a camo that melds understated colors with bright accents.

moots bikes

Price: $1,025


Whether they know it or not, anyone who’s tried to take a corner hot has pursued the apex: the middle mark between the entry and the exit you need to hit for the fastest line.


Moots banks into it with the brash blue-and-gold APEX package. The brand threw down the anodized treatment, it said, to “achieve the look and feel of speed.”

The seat tube carries an “81” to commemorate Moots’ founding year. Even the chain stays get a little love.

Price: $825

Trans Am

Moots wanted its Trans Am finish to turn heads just like its iconic muscle car namesake. Bold lines and high contrast in texture and color seek to pull it off.


The flashy anodized color palette lays down on a gleaming sanded surface to give it a pop. But the Moots logo is bead blasted satin to stand out starkly against the glary backdrop.

moots bikes

Price: $825

The Stanley

This vivid gradient nods to Stanley Kubrick’s horror opus “The Shining” and the famous Colorado hotel that inspired the Overlook Hotel.

moots rsl

The effect is a little dissociated, but check out the pattern on the chain stays and you’ll start to pick it up.

moots rsl

Regardless, it arguably delivers the most high-octane ‘80s raditude out of the whole lineup. It’s also available on any Moots bike, and the company will even apply it to older frames.


Price: $825


High art and video games came together to spawn the Facet, which takes after Paul Klee and Bridget Riley’s surrealist, cubist style.


Simultaneously, influences from arcade and console retro classics like Tempest and Starfox look evident.



Moots said the Facet “has become a factory favorite” in-house. That would only make sense; we don’t see it live on the website as of this writing.

Price: Unknown


Get simple MOOTS branding in any of six anodized finishes.

Matte colors include blue and burgundy.

moots matte

Gloss finishes get louder. Choose from “Frost Blue, Rocky Mountain Gold, Rose, or Emerald Mountain Green.”

moots gloss

Like the Stanley, you can get the Anodized finish on any new Moots bike or your existing frame.

Price: $350

Engraved Headtube

Moots’ CNC team etches the signature gator on the head tube so you can display your Moots roots prominently as well as tastefully.

moots etched

“Mr. Moots riding through the mountains of Colorado. Clean, iconic, and always leading the way on your rides,” the brand mused.

The engraved treatment comes on new orders only.

Price: $300


The new collection doesn’t get any cleaner than the Etched finish.



Moots used multiple bead blast cabinets to deliver a simplified but precise branded look. If you’re into the clean, minimalist look, this one’s for you.

Price: $225


Simplicity personified, the Moots Brushed finish includes a branded downtube, model name on the top tube, and gator logo on the seat tube in a subtle brushed texture.


Price: Free



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