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The New All-In-One Tire Repair Kit Pro by KOM Brings the Air

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I know, I know… there are a lot of tubeless repair kits out there, coming in many different sizes, weights, and colors. Hell, even KOM Cycling already has a version as well. But hold on a second, KOM’s new offering is different. This new offering is called the Tire Repair Tool Pro and has an integrated C02 inflator… and it won’t break the bank. See?

KOM Cycling Tire Repair Tool Pro

Photo c. KOM Cycling

The Tire Repair Kit Pro comes packed in a slender aluminum carrying case that has the C02 inflator, valve core remover, repair strip plugs, and the tire insertion fork. KOM claims that the entire repair kit only weighs 30 grams, making it “2 to 3 times lighter than any other tubeless bike tire repair kit on the market.”

KOM Tire Repair Kit pro

Small and slender to fit anywhere

A kit like this has the ability to reduce excess weight and clutter in your tool roll or minimalist saddle bag as well as keep you from searching in your jersey pocket for three separate tools.

KOM Tire Repair Kit pro C02 inflator

The integrated C02 inflator in action


KOM Tire Reapir Kit Pro C02 Inflator

Integrated C02 inflator

Having the C02 inflator integrated into and part of the actual tire repair tool is something that seems like a “no-brainer”. KOM says, “No longer will you be searching through your pockets or saddle bags for your old, small, and easily lost inflator. Our tubeless repair kit has a built-in Co2 inflator to quickly and easily re-inflate your punctured tire.”

KOM Tire Repair Kit Pro Fork

The fork and puncture file are all-in-one, saving space.

KOM Tire Repair Kit Pro red or black

Your choice of red or black

If running tubeless tires on your bikes is your jam, then having a way to repair them while out on a ride is essential. Having all of the items to actually do that repair in one place seems smart.

Retail: $39.99

Comes in Black or Red

Hit the link below to check out all of the goodies at KOM Cycling.



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