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BearingProTools Adds Affordable Wind-Out Bearing Extractor and Specific Tool Kits for Over 500 Bikes

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Scottish tool manufacturer, BearingProTools, continues to expand its range of affordable bearing pullers and bearing presses. Of note is the wind-out bearing puller that allows you to, well, wind-out the bearing in a slow and controlled manner, preferable to tapping it out with a hammer. These new designs complement the brand’s somewhat extensive array of frame bearing tool kits, with the number of bike-specific tool kits now upwards of 500!

bearingprotools over axle press windout bearing puller
BearingProTools presented new tools at the Scottish Mountain Bike Conference, including the Wind-Out Bearing Puller and the Over-Axle Press. Credit: Pete Scullion / Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland

As BearingProTools expands its range of tool designs, it is also in the process of moving into a larger workshop while investing in new CNC machines to allow further improvement of its products. Jim MacPhail, founder of BearingProTools, tells us his goal is to add many more tools to the range over the coming year, offering riders quality, cost effective tools for performing all of the bearing maintenance jobs that aren’t well-catered for by the big tool manufacturers.

bearingprotools wind-out bearing puller
Credit: Pete Scullion / Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland

BearingProTools’ new Wind-out Bearing Puller presents a cleaner, smoother method for bearing removal that ensures the bearing is removed straight. The method is likely much kinder to the bike than the more traditional, shall we say, method of tapping it out with a hammer; particularly important in the case of carbon frames and links, of course. The Wind-Out Puller is designed for removal of bearings where the “back” of the bearing is accessible; i.e., bearings within removable suspension links.

bearingprotools windout bearing puller fsr link

To work, the wind-out puller requires a flat surface around the bearing for the ‘cup’ part of the tool to rest on (on the side that the bearing is removed to). The cup generally has 1mm clearance from the edge of the bearing and has a 4mm thick wall. As well as the puller you will need a 13mm spanner and a 6mm allen key. Alternatively, in place of the 13mm spanner, you can also use the BearingProTools T-Bar Handle.

The process is shown very clearly in the video below.

All tools are bearing size-specific, designed to match the internal and external diameters of the bearing in question. Each wind-out bearing puller retails at £12.

bearingprotools windout bearing puller giant fsr link
All BearingProTools tools are made in Scotland

For blind bearings nestled within the frame (where only one side is accessible), BearingProTools still have the Expanding Puller that makes use of pressure exerted on the inner race to pull the bearing out straight. These also retail at £12 each. The Expanding Pullers are also part of the frame-specific tool kits that are available. BearingProTools currently offer over 500 frame-specific tool kits, covering all the major brands including Trek, Specialized, Giant, Canyon, Nukeproof, Norco, Ibis, Santa Cruz, Transition… the list goes on.

For example, you can get all the tools (exact, size-specific tools) you need to replace the frame bearings on any Nukeproof for just £24. Pricing of the frame kits does vary of course; with some bikes with more pivots running different size bearings, the price can go as high as £74 (i’m looking at you, Guerrilla Gravity).

bearingprotools bearing extractor expanding puller
The BearingProTools expanding bearing puller retails at £12

Check out the complete range of tools from BearingProTools, including wheel bearing and bottom bracket bearing tools, on the BearingProTools website.



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