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Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes New Komaki Electric Scooter and Cruiser Motorcycle – Starting at Rs. 1.15 L

New Komaki Electric Scooter and Cruiser Motorcycle – Starting at Rs. 1.15 L

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Komaki Electric Bike

It’s a competitive sector from the start, with the electric two-wheeler space absorbing a continuous stream of new goods. Komaki is famous for combining cutting-edge modern technology with timeless charm.

Today, Komaki Electric Vehicles has a new vehicle. Both are electric, with one being a Ranger cruiser motorcycle and the other being a scooter.

Komaki Ranger Electric Motorcycle Cruiser

The Ranger — India’s first-ever electric cruiser – features large grosser wheels and a slew of chrome accents on the bodywork. Ranger is built for a smooth ride, which is crucial for a cruiser. Ranger has the largest battery pack for an electric two-wheeler in India, at 4kW.

The riding range is 180-220 kilometers on a single charge. Its 4000-watt motor is designed to provide a smooth ride. Garnet Red, Deep Blue, and Jet Black are the three colors available for the motorcycle.

Bluetooth music system, side stand sensor, cruise control, anti-theft lock system, and all-inclusive accessories with dual storage box are among the features. Ranger is equipped with three headlamps.

2022 Komaki Vehicles Electric Scooter

The electric scooter’s drivability, power, performance, and comfort are all improved. A 3kw motor and a 2.9kw battery pack are included. The new scooter comes in nine vibrant colors.

Komaki Prices – Ranger and Vehicles

From January 26, 2022, Komaki Ranger cruisers and Venice will be available at Komaki dealerships. Ranger is priced at Rs 1,68,000, while the Venice scooter is priced at Rs 1,15,000. All prices are in U.S. dollars and include sales tax. The costs of the accessories installed are included in the price points.

On the basis of price, a plethora of features, mileage, and power, the business expects its new two-wheelers to be a popular favorite. In the end, one might be interested in bringing home their own electric two-wheeler.

India’s first-Ever Electric Cruiser

“I am incredibly glad to report that Ranger and Venice are finally ready for the Indian market,” stated Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Division. These cars have been a labor of passion for me, and I am confident that the public will enjoy them. By building India’s first-ever electric cruiser, we have cemented our place in history. This is exactly what motorcycle enthusiasts have been asking for, and we’re thrilled to be able to give them this masterpiece.”

While premiums have been a major consideration in the development of both Ranger and Venice, we have taken every effort to ensure that they are accessible to all segments of the Indian market. After all, everyone deserves the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride the most cutting-edge two-wheelers.

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