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Appleman 2XR Modular Crankset offers 135mm to 175mm Lengths

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Appleman Bicycles has introduced the Appleman 2XR Modular Crankset, CNC machined from 2024 aluminum and available in 135mm, 145mm, 155mm, 165mm and 175mm arm lengths. With 30mm spindles covering road, gravel, mountain and fat bikes, and three different spiders, there’s a Made-in-USA Appleman 2XR crankset for everyone.

Appleman 2XR Modular Crankset

appleman 2xr crankset turquoise

A Turquoise 2XR crankset, color-matched to the frame decals on an Appleman FR-213 Carbon Adventure Bike

Founder, Matt Appleman, has been designing and building bespoke carbon framesets for many years, and during that time has witnessed the many benefits of tailoring crank length to each rider. Hence, his motivation to offer such a wide variety of crank lengths to suit a wide variety of inseam lengths. 

appleman 2zr crankset multiple crank arms lengths 135mm to 175mm 10mm increments

Appleman offer the 2XR Crankset with five different crank arm lengths from 135mm up to 175mm in 10mm increments. Learn why Matt Appleman thinks crank arm length is so important here.

A modular design is at the heart of the 2XR Crankset. Its three main constituent components, i.e. the crank arms, spindle and spider, are all interchangeable, making for a very versatile product, allowing for multiple color combinations, and it also makes for a product that is very economical from a stock holding perspective.

appleman 2xr crankset 30mm spindle road gravel mtb mid-fat fat

The Appleman 2XR Cranksets are designed and CNC machined in Minnesota

Choose from five different 30mm spindle widths, covering road, gravel, MTB, mid-fat and fat bikes. Rough Q-Factors are as follows, though actual Q-Factor will of course vary slightly dependent on the frame spacing, bottom bracket and spacers used on each bike:

  • Road: 150mm
  • Gravel/Adventure: 156mm
  • MTB: 168mm
  • Mid-Fat: 183mm
  • Fat: 201mm
appleman 2xr crankset arms spindle spider

The 2XR Crankset is designed for low torque specs of 5-10 Nm

Choose from the following spiders:

  • 110 BCD road spider
  • 104 BCD mountain spider
  • 144 BCD track spider
appleman 2xr crankset road 110 bcd spider chainring

The 2XR Crankset with a 110 BCD Spider and Chainring

appleman 2xr crankset track 144 bcd

The 2XR Crankset with a 144 BCD Spider and Chainring for Track Cycling

appleman 2xr mtb crankset 104 bcd spider chainring

The 2XR Crankset with a 104 BCD Spider and Chainring for MTB


appleman 2xr crankset weights

Pricing & Availability

The Appleman 2XR Modular Crankset will set you back $485 USD, and is sold with a 5-year warranty; that fetches you a set of crank arms (length of your choice), a 30mm spindle and spindle bolts, and a spider. Black and Silver are the Base colors, but you can part with an additional $50 USD to customize crank arm color, and then an additional $25 USD per item to customize color of the spindle bolts and spider; choose from Pink, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Purple, Sand, Olive and Brown.

appleman 2xr crankset modular custom colors

Compatible BB/Frame standards include BSA (English threaded), ITA, PF30, BB86, BB92 BB30 T47, 386EVO, and BBRight. Note that BB90/BB95 aren’t compatible.



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