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Ritchey WCS Gravel Grips Bring Light, Comfy Neoprene Grip to Drop Bars

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Ritchey Logic’s new lightweight neoprene WCS Gravel Grips are the latest to mix up classic mountain bike grips with extended slide-on track bike drop bar grips for off-road riding. No more double wrapping your drops for better vibration damping, just slide on some WCS Gravel Grips for more comfort and control in any conditions…

Ritchey neoprene WCS Gravel Grips

Ritchey neoprene WCS Gravel Grips, riding in the grips with no gloves
c. Ritchey

Minimalist Ritchey Logic foam off-road Truegrips have long been a favorite of mountain bikers & weight weenies (like N1NO) for their combination of lightweight, grip & comfort. And their neoprene foam version is known for even better grip in nasty slippery conditions and when your hands get super sweaty.

The new Gravel Grips were developed for short reach, shallow drop flared gravel & adventure drop bars where riders can spend long periods riding off-road in the drops for better control. With a cushy neoprene feel and smooth shape, they should eat up some of those small bumps while maintaining tacky grips so you don’t have to white knuckle down loose & rough technical gravel descents. Or you know… under biking mountain bike trails, as Tom Ritchey would do.

Tech details, pricing & availability

Ritchey neoprene WCS Gravel Grips, tech details

The new single-density WCS Gravel Grips are made from a 4mm thick black neoprene foam for comfort and grip even when they get wet and muddy. The round grips are 20mm in diameter inside and 200mm long to slide over the drops of your gravel bars, just up to the levers where you will continue with a conventional bartape wrap, up top (or trim for whatever combo you prefer). The open-ended pair of grips weigh 50g, and come with a set of plastic bar end plugs just like your bar tape does, or pair with any other alloy ends or slide-in tubeless repair kits.

Ritchey neoprene WCS Gravel Grips, with green bar tape

The new neoprene foam Ritchey WCS Gravel grips are available now for $15 / 15€ direct from RitcheyLogic.com or your local bike shop. Now we are just curious how long it will be until they drop an ultralight Superlogic version for gravel weight weenies…



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