Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Ravemen PR2400 light review: self-contained headlight lets you charge the single track & your phone

Ravemen PR2400 light review: self-contained headlight lets you charge the single track & your phone

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Bike lights have progressed leaps and bounds over the years. What you can get now from an all-in-one unit is everything you need to ride the road or romp around the dark single track. The Ravemen PR2400 is a prime example of such progress

Ravemen PR2400 light on lower beam

The Ravemen PR2400 boasts a max of 2,400 lumens, powered by an 8,000mAh battery, with a screen that gives real-time battery life in different beam configurations. The light comes standard with a wireless auxiliary bar-mounted remote to control settings and switch on/off as needed – all for under $180.

Ravemen PR2400 light top front

The Ravemen PR2400 is the top offering in the Ravemen PR front-mounted series of lights. The PR2400 is jam-packed with lumens, but it also has some practical features that make it more than an on/off bike-mounted laser beam.

Ravemen PR2400 light all pieces

Features: Ravemen PR2400

  • Anti-glare optical lens for road mode to reduce glare
  • HiLo beam system for mountain bike mode, designed to mimic an automotive light with a far-reaching high beam and wide low beam for all-terrain riding.
  • OLED real-time display shows the lights’ run time in various light configurations
  • Wireless remote switch with easy adjustments on the handlebar
  • Extended run time with an external battery source
  • Type-C input and USB output to charge other devices
  • The intelligent memory circuit will remember the last setting/brightness level mode when powered on
  • Intelligent thermal management circuit to prevent overheating of the LED
  • Quick release design for easy on/off
  • Compatible with 31.8m and 35mm round handlebars

The Ravemen PR2400 boasts a fair amount of features, most standard with a light in the same space, though the execution of the fine details separates the PR2400 from the rest of the pack.

Ravemen PR2400 light front

Specifications: Ravemen PR2400

  • LED: 5 high-efficiency white LEDs
  • Battery: 8000mAh/3.6V rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 105mm (L) x 51mm (W) x 36mm (H)
  • Weight: 288g *light w/o mounts
  • Construction: Front and main body are aluminum with Mil Type III Hard Coat
  • Anodizing, the rear near the charging ports, and the handlebar mount are plastic.
  • Price: $179.95

The construction of the Ravemen PR2400 is reasonably robust; the outer alloy shell and under-body cooling fins can take a beating whether you’re commuting or riding in the woods. The charging ports in the rear of the light have a light covering of rubber. Though the plug to protect the internals could be better and more profound, mainly because they don’t look replaceable.

Ravemen PR2400 light on bike side

The Ravemen has a built-in 8000mAh/3.6V rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, meaning it can charge additional devices using the rear USB port.

Ravemen PR2400 light unit and button

Install and pairing

The light mounts and handlebar-mounted control are very well designed and easy to install. The light mount is sturdy and handles the weight of the light well, mainly off-road.

Ravemen PR2400 light hand placement

Truthfully, the wireless hand control is effortless to pair and set up; I only need to install the battery, hit the pairing button (lower) once, and it is all systems go. The buttons are easy to reach while riding, and the rubber-band-style mount allows for dialing-in movement if needed.

Ravemen PR2400 light front side

Ride impressions: Ravemen PR2400

After a smooth install, I was ready to hit the trails after dark, something I used to do often but less now. On my first couple of rides, it took a bit to get used to the weight of the PR2400 on my bars; though the unit isn’t heavy, it is noticeable if you don’t often ride with a light.

On the ride to the trails, I could dive into the modes a bit more and explore the uses for each. There are eight modes, three of which are designed for mountain bike and off-road use.

Ravemen PR2400 light full shot

I found myself on the road using the rapid-flashing mode as the daylight started to fade; on a full charge, this mode would last around 20 hours. Since I was unfamiliar with the light, I wanted to conserve as much power as possible.

On the rail trail to the forest, I switched to the road 300 mode, the others felt excessive, and I still planned on conserving battery. How did I know each mode, you ask? Well, they are very quickly noted on the LED screen. The two buttons on the light and the wireless controller toggle between road and Mountain bike modes.

Ravemen PR2400 light on high

The difference is on the road modes; only the center LED is illuminated, giving a direct beam with little flood lighting. All five LEDs are employed for the mountain bike modes, and the landscape is easier to see peripherally.

Approaching the single track, I switched to the mid-1200 mode, where I spent most of the ride. Ravemen claims in this mode, the light can run for 2.5 hours, which I found to be valid near the end of my ride. It’s nice to have the timer easy to see on the unit, giving you a real-time update of when you’re running low or should switch modes.

Ravemen PR2400 light top side

I spent some time riding in the High 2400 mode but mostly didn’t need it. I can see this mode being an asset in trails with less light pollution, but it seemed a bit too spot-heavy for my riding. It felt like an automotive light in the forest and had a blueish tint. I found myself favoring the mid mode for most riding, as it felt the most natural without a helmet-mounted light as a companion.

As the night rides went on, either on the commuter bike or mountain, I felt confident with the PR2400. I never found myself wanting more light on the trails, and on the ride, I would frequently get angry HighBeam flashes from oncoming drivers, but at the very least, they saw me coming.

Ravemen PR2400 light on bike installed

Is the Ravemen PR2400 one of the best self-contained lights under $200?

I enjoyed my time on the PR2400; though I don’t find myself riding too much at night anymore, any ride would be happy to have this in their gear just in case. The price is minimal compared to the performance though there are some spots where I found myself wanting.

Ravemen PR2400 light on bike 3:4

Though the mount is sturdy, I would like it more if it was balanced over the stem instead of on the side. Yes — this could interfere with head units, but I find lights with more mass and don’t require a battery feel more stable on the bike.

Ravemen PR2400 light underneath

Bottom line, I was very impressed with the Ravemen PR2400, not only with the output (which seems more than 2400 lumens, IMO) but the ease of use. It’s easy to install/uninstall at the drop of a hat or in the parking lot before a ride, and the charging time is minimal.

Ravemen PR2400 light side

I highly recommend the Ravemen PR2400 if you want a lot of light and aren’t ready to invest in a full-on trail helmet/bar combo. The Ravemen will get you rolling on the trails after dark and long after the other lights have run out of charge.

For more information check out: Ravemen.com


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