Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes CORE Bike: Topeak Tubi Master Tubeless Repair Kits, a Hand Pump for Tires and Suspension, more

CORE Bike: Topeak Tubi Master Tubeless Repair Kits, a Hand Pump for Tires and Suspension, more

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The war of compact tubeless repair kits, multitools and pumps still rages between Topeak and Lezyne, both of whom were showing their latest and greatest at CORE Bike. We got the low-down from both camps. Here are the newest, most interesting wares from Topeak, including new and improved Tubi Master Tubeless Repair Kits for Road, Gravel and MTB, a 2Stage Hand Pump that can be adjusted for inflation of low pressure but high volume tires and high pressure but low volume shocks and forks, as well as the new Joeblow Tubi 2Stage Floor Pump. Check out what’s new from Lezyne here.

Topeak Tubi Master Tubeless Repair Kits for Road, Gravel and MTB

topeak tubi master mx mtb tubeless tire repair kit plug inflates simultaneously

The Topeak Tubi Master MX for tubeless MTB tire repairs includes 25g CO2 cartridge, inflator head, and hollow tire plugger and reamer for simultaneous plugging and inflation

Topeak’s latest super-compact, tubeless repair kits come under the Tubi Master range, with a package to suit riders of all terrain. These build on the original Tubicartridge, taking its tubeless tire plugger function and incorporating the ability to re-inflate the tire at the same time as plugging it.

topeak tubi master mx tubless repair kit components

The Road and Mountain Bike versions, named Tubi Master RX and MX, respectively, combine the Tubicartridge with a 16g or 25g CO2 cartridge and the new Nano Airbooster inflator head in a neatly arranged package that attaches to the frame via a tough velcro strap. 

topeak tubimaster mx tire plugger hollow allows airflow for tire inflation same time as plugging

The Tubicartridge un-threads to reveal the tubeless tire plugger which, in addition to its stabbing and reaming capabilities, is also hollow, with an additional hole seen along the shaft. This threads into the Nano Airbooster inflator head which itself threads onto the CO2 Cartridge. The inflator head simply pierces the C02 Cartridge; it does not feature an additional valve via which you can tune the airflow – it just dumps the entirety of the cartridge’s gaseous contents into the tire in one go. 

topeak tubi master gx df tubless tire repair kit for gravel attaches to saddle rails

The Tubi Master MX we had a look at contained seven fairly girthy tire plugs. The plugs in the Tubi Master GX DF (Gravel) and RX (Road) are narrower, according to the size of the cuts they might be required to plug. Topeak also sell extra Tubi Repair Plugs in packs of 10, as well as spare 16g and 25g C02 cartridges.

topeak tubi master gx df

Topeak’s super-compact, on-bike tubeless repair kit aimed at gravel riders is a little different. The Tubi Master GX DF clamps to saddle rails rather than the frame, and is compatible with their range of Duo Fixer components such as the Flashfender.

  • Topeak Tubi Master RX – £46.99
  • Tubi Master GX DF – £44.99
  • Tubi Master MX – £54.99

Topeak 2Stage Hand Pump for Tires and Suspension

topeak 2stage hand pump digital pressure gauge for tire and suspension inflation

Topeak’s 2Stage pump technology which allows users to switch between high volume-low pressure mode and low volume-high pressure mode is now available in a hand pump. The Topeak 2Stage Digital Hand Pump can thus be used to re-inflate a tire after a puncture repair and it can be used as a shock pump to tune suspension pressures.

topeak 2stage mtb hand pump does shock pump and tire inflation

The incorporated digital pressure gauge gives reliable, precise readings up to a maximum pressure of 300 PSI. Pick this one up for £94.99.

Topeak Joeblow Tubi 2Stage Floor Pump with Valve Core Removal

topeak joeblow tubi 2stage floor pump inflates mtb and road tires high volume low pressure and low volume high pressure

Topeak’s 2Stage pump technology originated on the Tubi Joeblow 2Stage Floor Pump. Deliver high pressure or high volume with the flip of a switch.

topeak joeblow tubi 2stage floor pump switch

Stage 1 opens both barrels for huge air volume to fill big MTB or Fat Bike Tires with ease, while Stage 2 utilizes the small barrel for high pressure up to 160 PSI for inflation of high pressure road tires. The pump features a dual scale, non-linear pressure gauge to give the user high precision readings over both mountain and and road bike tire pressures.

topeak joeblow tubi 2stage floor pump dual scale pressure gauge

A cool feature of the Joeblow Tubi 2Stage Floor Pump is its TubiHead inflator, designed to make the process of tubeless tire seating easy. It essentially allows you to remove and reinsert the valve core without losing air from the tire at the same time.

topeak joeblow tubi 2stage floor pump valve core removal tubihead

An extra module, if you will, that sits at the rear of the inflator head can be pushed onto the valve stem where it engages with the valve core. From here you can un-thread the valve core which moves back into the recess of the inflator head, inflate the tire, then thread the valve core back into place. With valve cores being the small, easy-to-lose things they are, the TubiHead is a neat and tidy solution that keeps everything in one place.

The Joeblow Tubi 2Stage Floor Pump is available now, and will set you back ££119.99. The TubiHead is actually available as an upgrade to existing Joeblow floor pumps, retailing at £31.99.



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