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Philly Bike Expo: Rodeo Labs Unveils New Traildonkey 4.0 w/ Downtube storage & Lock-Jaw!

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Over the weekend, at Philly Bike Expo, Rodeo Labs released what they’re calling their finest, and most kick-arse (I threw that in myself) adventure bike platform to date with the new Traildonkey 4.0.

Rodeo Labs Traildonkey 4.0 prototype

Photo c. Rodeo Labs

This iteration of the Traildonkey is what Rodeo Labs is calling a “blank-sheet redesign” that’s pushing the envelope of what a single frameset is capable of. Stating that it will handle everything from on-road and off-road performance to super ultra-distance bikepacking.

Rodeo Labs says that they were using a “new to them” monocoque construction method that allowed them to use more ways to design and engineer the new Traildonkey 4.0. The new production method allowed for smoother, more elegant, and continuous frame lines.

Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey 4.0 Prototype complete bike Large

As seen at the Philly Bike Expo: With thousands of test miles on it, this is the first ridable prototype of the Traildonkey 4.0. It has a raw finish, sans clearcoat, paint, or other enhancements. Just a thin layer of wax to protect it from the elements.

Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey 4.0 Prototype fork internal dynamo routing Large

New Spork 3.0 is said to be slimmer, stronger and lighter with internal brake and dynamo routing.

Rodeo Labs Traildonkey 4.0 Pink and brown

Photo c. Rodeo Labs

Rodeo Labs also says that after 8 years of making world-proven adventure bicycles they have “distilled their best ideas into the Traildonkey 4.0”, saying that the TD4 is their most evolved Donkey as well as one of the most capable and versatile drop-bar bicycles on the market.

Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey 4.0 front derr ready Large

Adding to the versatility, the TD4 is ready for a double up front if you see fit.

Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey 4.0 usable downtube storage Large

The Traildonkey 4.0 has real, usable down-tube storage available.

Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey 4.0 inside downtube storage Large

No annoying housing rattling around in the storage area, with the attached housing guides that are located inside the downtube storage area.

Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey 4.0 rear drop outs Large

Here’s a shot of the prototype, rear, sliding horizontal drop-out. As you can see in the photo above, there is a “thumb wheel” slot at the front of the “Lock-Jaw” drop out on the chainstay. The fixed nut (which isn’t where it’s supposed to be in the picture) has done away with the need for the thumb wheel. That slot will not be in the production chainstay, leaving the production version much more refined.

From the looks of it, the toothed dropout will interface with similar teeth on the nut, allowing for fine-tuning chainstay length and chain tension for single speeding possibilities, without the ability for the dropout to slip.

Rodeo Labs Traildonkey rear drop out

Rendering of what the production rear drop out will look like without the thumb wheels slot.

Reservations are now open for a delivery time of Spring 2023. The Traildonkey 4.0 will be available as a frameset module for $2975 or a complete (and customizable) build. For pricing and detials of the builds, go here for the three pre-configured buld choices.



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