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Giro Ethos MIPS Commuter Helmet Adds Insanely Bright Turn Signals, Lighting & Optional Shield

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Want to be more visible while riding your bike? If you’ve spent any time riding on public roads with the hoards of distracted drivers, that answer is almost always an emphatic yes. Lights are a great way to boost visibility, and lights on a helmet further help by placing them closer to eye level for motorists.

Lights on a helmet are not new, but lights like on the new Giro Ethos MIPS? These will take your visibility to the next level.

Giro Ethos MIPS Shield riding at night

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As Giro’s new premium commuter helmet, the Ethos Mips features four integrated LED lights – two front and two rear. The front are primarily white, and the rear are red, though both will turn amber at the push of a button.

Giro Ethos MIPS Shield LED turn signals on helmet

Giro Ethos MIPS Shield remote

That’s because the Ethos MIPS has built-in turn signals which are operated through the included wireless handlebar remote. Press either the L or R button for the Left or Right turn signal, and both left or right LED pairs will flash amber signaling your turn. The helmet also plays a small beep to let you know the turn signal is on.

When signaling, the remote buttons also illuminate orange, as another reminder that your flasher is still on. When you’ve completed your turn, hit the turn signal button again to cancel the flasher.

Giro Ethos MIPS Shield light settings

The remote can also control the helmet light modes which include Low Flash, High Flash, Low Solid, and High Solid. On the highest setting, the front light offers 45 lumens with 25 at the back, with a run time of 2.5h. Change it to Low Flash to get 11h of run time. We just got a sample so we haven’t had a lot of time with the Ethos, but we have determined that you can use the remote to turn off the helmet completely as well – we’re still trying to figure out if you can turn on the helmet with the remote though.

Giro Ethos MIPS Shield battery charging

Both the helmet and the remote are rechargeable through USB-C charging ports, and include charging status LEDs to let you know when it’s finished.

The helmet feature in-mold construction with “full hard body” coverage meaning there is no exposed EPS foam to make the helmet more durable. Twelve vents with internal channeling should keep it well-ventilated.

Giro Ethos MIPS Shield City Roc Loc

As the helmet name would imply, the Ethos features the MIPS Brain Protection System with a liner integrated into the Roc Loc City Retention system with additional reflective accents.

Giro reflective webbing

Reflectivity is continued in the webbing, which includes adjustable ear cradles and a FidLock magnetic buckle.

Giro Ethos MIPS Shield

The integrated clear molded eye shield may be a polarizing feature – fortunately, there are two different versions of the helmet. The Ethos MIPS Shield includes the clear retractable eye shield, while the Ethos MIPS features a soft rubber waterproof brim in its place.

Giro Ethos MIPS Shield and Ethos MIPS Colors

Thanks to the built-in lighting, battery, and shield, the Ethos MIPS Shield won’t be a light weight, but at 501g for our medium sample, it doesn’t feel too weighty on the head.

Available in three colors in both the Ethos MIPS Shield and Ethos MIPS, the helmets are offered in the typical small, medium, and large sizing. Pricing is set at $250 for the Ethos MIPS and $270 for the Ethos MIPS Shield. Both are available now.




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