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Juiced drops prices on its highest power electric bikes amid battle

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After a costly and time-consuming legal battle to secure the trademarks for its most powerful HyperScorpion and HyperScrambler 2 e-bikes, Juiced Bikes has decided to discontinue the current model lines. As part of that closeout, the company has put its existing inventory on closeout sale.

Juiced Bikes is one of the oldest and most established electric bicycle brands in the US.

I remember scrolling through their site in college back in 2011, and by then the company had already been in operation for a few years. So if like me, you remember the OG Juiced even back before the company’s name change, then you’ll know that Juiced has never just followed trends; it sets them.

That was the case with Juiced Scorpion e-bike launched in The Before Times back in 2019, and it was the case with the high power, 28+ mph HyperScorpion and HyperScrambler 2 e-bikes that followed.

But after a protracted legal battle to secure the trademark for those e-bikes, Juiced has decided to close out those lines. In doing so it has dropped prices on its remaining bikes.

As the company explained further:

“Juiced Bikes has been working diligently for several years to secure legal protection for the HyperScorpion and HyperScrambler brand names. Those efforts have been costly, time-consuming and still haven’t provided the level of trademark protection we have achieved with the other models in our portfolio. As a result, we are now phasing out both the HyperScorpion and HyperScrambler models. This decision is in no way reflective of the quality or performance of these e-bikes. On the contrary, we believe so much in the performance and value of these products that we refuse to burden them with any additional legal and/or licensing fees.”

juiced hyperscorpion

The good news is that while the HyperScorpion and HyperScrambler may be ending, the bikes themselves will be reborn.

Juiced has promised to bring the models back under new badging.

“Both the HyperScorpion and HyperScrambler 2 will be renamed and relaunched before the end of 2023. In the meantime, we hope our current and future customers can take advantage of current close-out pricing and enjoy the incredible power, performance and safety features of these two exceptional e-bikes.”

Those new prices, which can be found on Juiced’s closeout deals page, are as follows:

Close-Out pricing:

  • HyperScorpion now $1,899
  • HyperScorpion Express now $1,999
  • HyperScrambler 2 Single Battery $1,999
  • HyperScrambler 2 Dual Battery $2,499
juiced hyperscorpion express

These are fast and high power electric bikes that have a build quality closer in line to mopeds and light electric motorcycles.

We’ve tested these models ourselves, which you can see in the video below, and have fallen in love with the power and performance that Juiced has been able to stuff into an electric bike-sized package.

And who knows, perhaps with the closeout of these models and the upcoming name change, the remaining models will become collector’s items. If there was any doubt about that case for the limited edition Founder’s Series HyperScrambler 2, then this close out should settle that.

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