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Iconic Columbus Tubing & House Industries Collaborate for Tubography Clothing Collection

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What happens when you cross Columbas Tubing, a 103-year-old steel tubing manufacturer, and the iconic design and font foundry, House Industries? You get a really cool collaboration that produces the Tubography Collection: a cycling kit collection that includes bibs, jerseys, gloves, socks, a winter jacket, vest, caps, t-shirts, and even bottles. All of it is super matchy, matchy too.

The colors are striking and vibrant, and the pricing is reasonable as well.

House Industries took inspiration from the actual shapes of the Columbus steel tubes themselves, as well as some of the non-bicycle-ly things (like furniture) that Columbus has been a part of for the last 100+ years to create an entirely different font for the Columbus logo.

They then deconstructed the new logo to create the pattern used in the collection’s design. So basically, all of the different patterns you see in the collection are different letters from the new Columbus logo… pretty sick.

Columbus X House Industries

Photo c. Columbus/House Industries

House Industries Tubography Collection

You may be familiar with Columbus and their iconic “Dove” logo. So let’s shine a little light on House Industries.

Founded in 1993 by Andy Cruz, House Industries is a font foundry and design studio. According to their website, they have done work for Jimmy Kimmel, Hermès, Lego, Ed Roth, Muji, Heath Ceramics, The Eames Office and The New Yorker.

The thing they say they are known for is using their eclectic style to “create identities that become indelibly linked to their subject.

House Industries’ work is in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.

Columbus says they are a “long-time friend of House, sharing mutual attitudes and passions for creativity, innovation, and cycling, and is extremely proud to present you this first collaboration!”

Colubbus X House Industries Tubeography Collection

Check out the sizes and retail at the link below.



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