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PRO Vibe Superlight carbon road bar & mini aerobar

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PRO shaves 75g off their lightest road bike cockpit with new Vibe Superlight carbon bar & boxy alloy stem. But the cockpit upgrades go even deeper with an all-new miniature carbon clip-on aero bar that brings more hand positions and an unobtrusive way to get that aero tuck…

PRO Vibe Superlight carbon road bar

PRO Vibe Superlight carbon road bar, front

c. PRO

The lightweight PRO Vibe Superlight line has been around for three years now, but now Shimano’s component brand is shedding even more weight, dropping 75g in their newest SL carbon bar & alloy stem combo.

With weights as low as 154g for a 38cm carbon bar, this is the lightest road handlebar PRO has ever made. The lightweight bar is made of premium UD T110 carbon reinforced with Innegra fibers for impact resistance and structural integrity during & after a crash.

The 31.8mm PRO Vibe Superlight handlebar continues the large round section across tops for comfort and clip-in compatibility. It features a compact 80mm reach, deeper 130mm drop and a smooth round bend, plus internal Di2 routing. The bar comes in three widths 38, 40 & 42cm – and sells for a whopping  $450 / 420€.

PRO Vibe Superlight Stem

PRO Vibe Superlight Stem

Matching up to the new carbon bar is a stiff & light new 7075 alloy Vibe Superlight stem, with weights from as low as 92g (70mm). The 31.8mm clamping SL stem features a boxy section to maintain stiffness while shedding weight, and is available for either 1.125 or 1.25″ steerer tubes.

The +/- 6° stem is available in 6 lengths (70-120mm), allows for internal cable routing, and retails for $175 / 160€.

PRO Vibe cockpit lightweight upgrades

PRO Gap Cap Expander Carbon headset cap & steerer tube expansion plug

The cockpit is also said to save weight with a new PRO Gap Cap Expander Carbon headset cap & steerer tube expansion plug that weighs just 24g (a 16g reduction from PRO’s previous expander setup) – available for either 1.125 or 1.25″ steerer tubes.

PRO Vibe Computer Mount out-front GPS stem face-plate mount

Then, you can top it all off with a neatly integrated PRO Vibe Computer Mount out-front. With a little bit of Starfleet Excelsior Class vibes, the PRO out-front GPS mount offers Garmin, Wahoo & Bryton compatibility in two positions (small or large devices) that bolts directly to your PRO Vibe stem face plate bolts. And a hinge lets you finetune the perfect angle to view your screen without annoying reflections. The 37g mount is machined from 6061 alloy and retails for $70 / 55€.

PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On

PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On mini aerobar

Lastly, the all-new PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On reimagines & reshapes a similar mini clip-on aerobar concept that we tested from Farr since 2018 with a flatter design and integrated accessory mounting. Just like with Farr, the PRO concept is to offer more hand positions in a lightweight miniature aerobar that doesn’t add much weight and is out of the way when you don’t need it.

PRO describes it as “designed for ultra-endurance cyclists and short distance triathletes, who are constantly searching for ways to improve their aerodynamic efficiency”. That limitation is because it doesn’t really get you very far forward – being a shorter forward protrusion than your brake hoods – so you don’t get an ultra-aero tuck. But it does help you get a bit lower, offering some steering control while your hands are close together and in front of the bar.

PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On mini aerobar, side & rear views

The 135g PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On is made from UD T700 carbon fiber with grippy graphics and includes an interchangeable bike computer mount up top and bolts for additional accessory mounting down below – retailing for $180 / 160€.

All of the new PRO gear include lifetime warranties (curiously described as “based on a 10-year expected lifetime”) and should be available now online and through your local bike shop.



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