Ibis Hakka MX Adventure Bike Rolls Out Fun New Colors

Ibis calls the Hakka MX its “answer to the swiss army knife.”

The Hakka MX boasts versatile geometry and has enough clearance to run up to 700 x 40c or 27.5 x 2.1-inch tires. Ibis encourages users to take the bike on anything from road rides to multi-day bikepacking trips.

Dropper post compatibility aids in the versatility, and the bike runs fine on a variety of drivetrains.

So there’s really no reason not to take it out into the muck. Unless that is, you don’t want to get dirt all over the fancy new paint Ibis slapped onto this year’s models.

Ibis Hakka MX: New colors

The three new frame colors come with fun names. There’s Wizard’s Potion (lavender and purple), Salt Water Taffy (white and coral) and Sacre Blue (blue/green).

Let’s start with Wizard’s Potion, because we firmly believe more bike frames should come in purple.

the ibis hakka mx in purple

a detail of the the ibis hakka mx in purple

a detail of the the ibis hakka mx in purple

Next up: Salt Water Taffy — a clean, neutral look with pops of color at strategic locations.

the Ibis Hakka MX in Salt Water Taffy

Finally, there’s Sacre Blue, darker overall, with bands of blue and yellow along the fork and seat tube.

The Ibis Hakka MX in Sacre Blue

Ibis Hakka MX: Pricing & Geometry

If it has been a minute since you scoped out the Hakka MX, here’s the geometry breakdown, as gleaned from the Ibis website.

geometry graphic for the Ibis Hakka MX

the geometry table for the Ibis Hakka MX

The basic build (frame plus fork) runs $2,699, while adding in the Shimano GRX gravel-specific groupset takes it up to $4,899.


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