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9 New Colors for Wolf Tooth Echo Lock-On Grips

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Wolf Tooth Components adds nine new colors of their popular Echo Lock-On Grip this week. The Echo is a vibration-damping grip that we covered last autumn when it locked-on. It’s a soft, performance-oriented grip that keeps you both comfy and in control on rough trails.

Wolf Tooth says these grips are intended for all-mountain… get it, all mountain bike riding… from XC to DH racing. They use a soft, tacky rubber for the grip area that is “locked” to the handlebar using a conventional anodized aluminum collar.

Wolf Tooth Echo Grip orange leaning
photos c. Wolf Tooth Components

The Echo Grip’s alternating diagonal pattern provides positive grip and confidence while keeping the rider’s hands in place. Wolf Tooth says they grips work well with or without gloves, and regardless of weather or trail conditions.

The Echo Grips are compatible with all standard 22mm mountain bike handlebars, alloy or carbon.

Now, along with the already available black color that almost seems boring in retrospect, there are 9 new colors to choose from.

Wolf Tooth Echo Grips Nine New Colors


Wolf Tooth Echo Grip pink

Green or Grey

Blue or Orange

Purple or Red

Teal or Yellow

During prototyping, Wolf Tooth extensively tested three different rubbers of varying softness and ultimately chose 20A durometer rubber in the end. In fact, that soft rubber provided excellent vibration damping and is easily compressed, while also being quite durable, hopefully providing many seasons of riding.

The center of the grip features unique stripes in one direction, while the inner and outer ends feature alternating stripes molded into the grip, a design to “prevent hands from moving away from the center of the grip”.

Wolf Tooth Echo Grip wolf tooth on trail

To add to the Echo Grip’s great aesthetic, so you don’t forget who made them... the words “Wolf” and “Tooth” are molded into the left & right grips, respectively.

The Echo Grips are 132mm long with a 32mm installed diameter. Their ends are open and the included plastic bar-end plugs are used to finish the installation. Open ends are compatible with Wolf Tooth Anodized Bar End Plugs and Wolf Tooth EnCase System multi-tools, as well as end cap plugs, tools & tubless tire plug systems from several other manufacturers.

The anodized aluminum collar secures the grips to your bar by using a 3mm hex wrench. These collars are machined in-house at Wolf Tooth in Minnesota, and available in eight different colors to match other Wolf Tooth anodized components and accessories.

Wolf Tooth Echo Lock-On Grip – Pricing & availability

Wolf Tooth Echo Grip blue in lock ring

The new Echo Lock-On Grips sell for $29.95 for the set, including a pair of grips, black alloy lock-on clamps, and a pair of plastic bar end plugs.

They are available now in these new colors – pink, green, grey, blue, orange, purple, red, teal & yellow – plus the original black grips that get one of 8 different colored anodized clamps. Get yours by visiting your local bike shop or by hitting the link below.



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