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Fun new frame protection just for your Gravel & All Road steeds by Dyedbro!

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Way, way back in April, we covered Dyedbro’s really cool artist collaboration collection, you can see it here. Now, new frame protection kits are available from Dyedbro for bikes with drop bars!

Their new kit has been designed specifically for gravel and all-road bikes, featuring a new shape with the inclusion of fork protectors as well.

As you already know, gravel bikes can be subject to as much wear as mountain bikes. With the popularity of using these drop bar bikes on longer rides, racing longer events, and just good 0l’ adventuring, we tend to carry bags and such strapped right to the bike itself, leading to the possibility of damage to our frame. Dyebro’s frame protection kit is made for this exact purpose.

What Comes in the Kit

Dyedbro gravel + allroad frame protection kit

Here are the details of what comes in the gravel and all-road specific frame protection kit.

Each kit contains 12 pre-cut sections.

  • Down tube piece measuring 42.5cm in length and 7.3cm in width
  • Top Tube piece measures 53cm in total when used with the 2 sections designed for long tubes. *Note* Dyedbro says that generally, a medium/54cm bike will use the large section, a L/XL bike may require the extra bits
  • Seatstay piece x 2, measuring 39cm in length and 2.4cm wide
  • Chainstay piece x 1 at 9cm long and at its maximum, 4.2cm wide
  • Fork pieces x 2, again measuring 39cm in length but at 5.3cm in width these work with a wide variety of forks
  • 3 additional round patches – for cables rub
  • Also included is an installation tool

Dyedbro says that there may be the need for you to trim sections for the best fit. Also note that for bottle mounts/bolts, Dyedbro would like you to install the kit with the bolt removed then use an awl or similar tool to create a hole for your bolt to be re-installed.

What Color Options?

These kits look to be just plain ol’ fun, with a whole bunch of different options, check ’em out below.

Below are two of my faves; The Victor Brousseaud kit and Unicorn Glitter kit.

Victor Brousseaud Colab

Unicorn Glitter

The retail cost of these kits is 41.99€ (roughly $44.50 USD)

Check out other frame protection, apparel, and gear at Dyedbro’s website.



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