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Tacx NEO Bike Plus Indoor Smart Bike Will Fully Immerse You in the Virtual Peloton

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The new Tacx indoor bike looks like a healthy mix of the NEO 2 smart trainer internals and modular frame with many creature comforts.

Photos: Garmin/TACX

The Tacx NEO Bike Plus is a one-stop training machine for cyclists — fans and screen included. The new indoor smart bike offers a realistic road feel, simulated gradients (via Tacx NEO 2 internals), and enhanced virtual shifting that mimics all popular component brands.


What is it — Tacx NEO Bike Plus

The design of the Tacx NEO Bike Plus is just what we would expect from the innovative cycling brand, offering many training and experience opportunities. The updated Tacx NEO Bike Plus offers a quiet ride and accurate power, speed, and cadence metrics, similar to the NEO 2 trainer.


The Tacx NEO Bike Plus unit can quickly adjust to match the fit of an outdoor bike in millimeter increments. The quick-adjust design lets users quickly dial in their fit, perfect for multiple athletes in the same household.


Users can customize their crankarm length from 165-175mm, saddle height/setback, handlebar height, and stem length.


Tacx NEO Bike Plus — Ride Feel

The Tacx NEO Bike Plus offers 1% measurements for speed and cadence, similar to the NEO 2 trainer. The unit can simulate a hefty 25% gradient and take a sprint up to 2,200 watts. Like the NEO 2, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus offers cobble, gravel, and bridge “rumble” simulation, and users can tune in to how “real” they would like the sensations. Tacx “Dynamic inertia” helps maintain a sensation of forward motion based on speed and gradient. Tacx says the unit can accurately imitate a downhill with descent simulation, immersing the rider in the virtual peloton.

Tacx NEO Bike Plus 3:4

Shifter Preference

Whether you’re a SRAM, Shimano, or Campagnolo rider, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus will adapt to your preference. The shifter body is a nice blend of a Shimano 12-speed body and SRAM AXS — solid and stable. The shift buttons are programable to the users’ specifications to mimic the shifting style of your go-to unit.

Ready Set Ride

No more looking for the fan, tablet, and auxiliary chargers before you ride; the Tacx NEO Bike Plus covers all those. Power or heart rate automatically controls the built-in interactive fans. The unit features a 4.5-inch integrated display and two USB chargers in the bike’s cockpit, so no more looking for a charger for your dying phone mid-ride.

Tacx NEO Bike Plus tops

Tacx Training app Integration

Users with a premium subscription to the Tacx Training app can fully immerse themselves in their indoor training experience. The Tacx Training app boasts a library of more than 250 high-quality, real-life videos from around the world. An all-new “Ride with the Pros” challenge will link riders with exclusive Garmin-sponsored team videos. Cyclists can also follow structured workouts, race live opponents, upload GPS data, ride with 3D maps, and more.

Price and Availability

The Tacx NEO Bike Plus will be available in select locations soon and has a suggested retail price of $3,999.99. Be on the lookout for a full review once we get a demo unit for riding. In the meantime, check out Garmin.com for more details and stock.


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