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Charged EVs | Switzerland’s public and private sectors cooperate on major new EV initiative

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In 2018, the Swiss government initiated a package of pro-EV measures called Electromobility Roadmap 2022. The majority of the project’s goals have been reached, and a second phase has now been agreed upon, which sets new goals to be achieved by 2025.

The objectives of Electromobility Roadmap 2025 include:

  • Making 50% of new auto sales plug-in vehicles (the current year-to-date figure is 25%)
  • Providing 20,000 public charging stations (there are currently around 7,600)
  • Facilitating user-friendly and grid-integrated residential, workplace and public charging

Some 59 Swiss companies and organizations, including some of the biggest names in the country’s transportation and energy sectors, have signed on to the initiative, and have announced a wide variety of specific electrification projects.

Many cities, states and countries around the world have announced electrification “roadmaps,” but we find this one far more interesting than most. Instead of setting a target date far in the future, this plan calls for the achievement of realistic goals in three years. That means the organizations that have signed on will have to take immediate action, implementing new programs or expanding existing ones—not just commissioning feasibility studies.

Also, whereas most plans are vague about how electrification is to be achieved, this one includes important stakeholders, who are committing to concrete plans to build their parts of the EV ecosystem. An impressive number of specific projects have been announced: electric utilities will work to integrate EVs into the grid; major employers will electrify their own fleets and provide workplace charging; retail chains and parking providers will add more charging stations; one of the country’s largest auto dealership chains will implement a training program for sales staff; auto rental and car-sharing networks will add more EVs to their fleets; the Swiss Federal Railways will add more public charging at train stations; auto industry trade groups and driver advocacy groups will turn up the voltage.

Source: Roadmap Elektromobilität 2025


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