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Charged EVs | GreenPower’s Nano BEAST is a purpose-built electric Type A school bus

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GreenPower Motor Company (NASDAQ: GP), a manufacturer and distributor of electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, has launched the Nano BEAST: a purpose-built, battery-electric Type A school bus with a range of up to 150 miles.

The Nano BEAST (Battery Electric Automotive School Transportation) features a clean-sheet design that “facilitates optimal battery pack placement and weight distribution.” GreenPower will begin initial deliveries to its customers in the coming months, and anticipates that the pace of deliveries will increase by the end of the year.

According to GreenPower, approximately 9,700 new Type A school buses are sold every year, and approximately 500,000 yellow school buses are currently running across the US. Various state vouchers and federal funding programs are available to help school districts go all-electric.

GreenPower developed the Nano BEAST using its purpose-built EV Star Platform. The company has delivered approximately 200 vehicles built on the platform throughout North America, for applications including paratransit, airport shuttle, micro-transit, cargo delivery and vanpool service.

“The Nano BEAST offers unprecedented levels of safety and reliability for a zero-emission, Type A school bus. We’ve seen the EV Star Platform exceed expectations in other industries, and we look forward to carrying this over into the school bus industry,” said GreenPower President Brendan Riley. “Providing school districts and our communities with a safer alternative to diesel-emitting school buses provides tremendous health benefits for our children, especially since NOx exhaust is a trigger of health problems like asthma and other respiratory issues.”

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