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Charged EVs | ChargePoint launches new CP6000 Level 2 charger for Europe

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ChargePoint’s new CP6000 Level 2 charger is “a complete charging solution for businesses and fleets,” and is designed for the needs of the European market. It offers AC charging at an adaptable output of 3.7 to 22 kW per port, and supports both one- and three-phase power.

The CP6000 is designed to work seamlessly with ChargePoint’s software platform, which offers real-time data on revenue, energy costs and driver details, complete control over pricing and driver access, and over 35 pre-built charts and reports. ChargePoint’s software also includes power management tools, on-station video messages, and over 40 turnkey API integrations. The CP6000 is fully compliant with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 2.01.

The CP6000’s modular design is meant to enable flexible configurations and easy upgrades. It can be customized for different use cases and/or regions, and allows various configurations of sockets, cable management, branding, display and shuttering.

The CP6000 has been designed to accomodate Europe’s variety of power grids and regulations. For example, it meets the UK government’s requirements for contactless payment capabilities for all AC stations of 7.1 kW and above.

“As the result of ChargePoint’s experience shaping the charging industry over the past 15 years, we understand what is critical to station owners and drivers, including effortless charging experiences, scalable design, quality products and excellent service,” said Chief Product Officer Bill Loewenthal. “EV charging needs are universal, even if what and how we drive varies by geography. The CP6000 has been designed to cater to the charging needs of businesses, fleets and EV drivers.”

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