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American Classic tires already updated for better rolling resistance, durability & tubeless compatibility

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American Classic may have just launched their line of tires, but they’re already giving it some important updates. Since the brands re-launch last September, the team at American Classic has been busy working on how to take their tires to the next level of performance.

American Classic Timekeeper_TL_Tan

For 2022 the American Classic tire line will feature updated casings with puncture protection, brown sidewalls, and Tubeless Straight Sidewall (TSS, or “hookless”) for compatibility with hookless road/gravel wheels like the CADEX wheel line.

American Classic Udden_TL_Blk_2

Will the model names be the same?

Yes, but with updates and upgrades, both in rolling resistance and sizing. For 2022, the American Classic Timekeeper now uses an all-new Stage 3 Armor tubed type-tires and Stage 3S Armor on its Tubeless Ready models.

American Classic Timekeeper_TL_Blk_2

The sizing gets more extensive for all road riding with the addition of a 30mm version of the Timekeeper to complement the existing 25 and 28mm models.

American Classic Torchbearer_TL_Blk (1)

The American Classic Torchbearer is still an all-season tire and gets a new puncture protective update to boost its all-season prowess. The new American Classic Touchbearer boasts Stage 4 Armor for tube-type tires and Stage 4S Armor on its Tubeless Ready tire versions.

American Classic Aggregate_TL_Blk

Each one of American Classics’ gravel tires gets updates. The new model retains the tread patterns of the previous but now incorporates the new highest level of puncture protection; Stage 5S Armor on the Tubeless Ready range of gravel tires — claiming both a boost in protection and a drop in weight.

American Classic Krumbein_TL_Bwn

As far as sizing goes, all American Classic 2022 gravel tires will continue to be offered in 700×40, 700×50, and 650bx47. The Kimberlite is also provided in a 700×35 for easy fit on cyclocross and light-duty gravel rigs.

American Classic Kimberlite_TL_Bwn

If you like the classic look (American Classic), every tire is now available with a new brown sidewall, in addition to the tan and black.

Are the new American Classic tires faster?

The engineering team at American Classic put the newly updated Timekeeper and Kimberlite tires through third-party testing for rolling resistance efficiency against the 2021 models, and both have shown measurable improvement. Though no data has been provided, we have test tires coming to battle head-to-head with the previous models — so stay tuned!

American Classic Wentworth_TL_Blk_2

American Classic Tires — models, sizes, usage

  • Kimberlite: 700×35, 700×40, 700×50, 650bx47 — Gravel
  • Aggregate: 700×40, 700×50, 650bx47 — Gravel
  • Udden: 700×40, 700×50, 650bx47 — Gravel
  • Wentworth: 700×40, 700×50, 650bx47 — Gravel
  • Krumbein: 700×40, 700×50, 650bx47 — Gravel
  • Timekeeper: 700×25, 700×28, 700×30 — Road
  • Torchbearer: 700×25, 700×28, 700×32 — Road
  • Lamplighter: 700×40, 700×50, 650bx47 — City/Urban

American Classic Aggregate_TL_Blk

Weights and Full Sizes

To check out the full list of tires with claimed weights (including previous weights of select models), you can download the spreadsheet here.

Pricing and Availablity

Are they the same price? Not exactly. The 2022 tire models will slightly increase though they still sit moderately priced compared with modern performance tires. The new tires will come in $45.00 for tubeless and $40.00 for tubed-type, a price increase of $10.00 all around.

American Classic Kimberlite_TL_Tan_2

In addition to selling directly to consumers, for 2022, American Classic will now work with select retailers and distributors. All American Classic tires will be available for sale on its website and the American Classic Amazon web store.


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