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Festka One & Scalatore carbon road bikes upgrade integration

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Festka upgrades a new generation of One & Scalatore boutique custom road bikes, bringing more advanced tubing, 3D printed construction, and completely hidden cables. Already known for an impeccable level of finishing and attention to detail, the move to more integration further refines the clean look of the Czech-made carbon road bikes, while retaining classic frame shaping.

Festka One & Scalatore road bike upgrade

Festka One & Scalatore integrated carbon road bikes, Look Mum, No Cables!

c. Festka

Festka already began to tease integrated routing with their latest new Scout adventure gravel bike last summer. Now their flagship One road bike and ultralight Scalatore road bike take it to the next level with integrated cockpits & forks from the lies of ENVE and more. But more than simply hiding cables inside the frame, cockpit & fork, the two revamped road bikes also have completely reengineered their filament wound carbon tubing and leverage 3D printed construction for improved integration overall.

What’s new?

Festka Scalatore integrated next-gen lightweight carbon road bike, fully internal cable routing

Festka co-founder Michael Moureček says their high-end custom clientele has been begging for fully hidden routing for quite a while, but Festka wanted to be sure that bikes they built today would be serviceable and compatible with as wide a range of components for years to come. So they waited until internal routing settled and standardized a bit.

Festka One & Scalatore integrated carbon road bikes, ENVE integrated cockpit

integrated 2-piece ENVE cockpit

Now with enough third-party components available, Festka developed their own suite of 3D printed elements to enable fully internally routed cabling, without compromise.

Festka One & Scalatore integrated carbon road bikes, 3D-printed elements

The 3D printed parts mesh with their own custom tubing, some providing sleeves where tubes join together and others that simply slip into their unique tube profiles to make cable routing smooth & trouble-free. All printed in house, Festka can tailor them to each buyer in case of custom routing needs.

Festka 10th anniversary limited edition bikes

The unique Czech-made filament wound carbon tubing that Festka builds with also gets a significant overhaul. With fiber layout and orientations reoptimized, Festka claims they can build in an increase both in rider comfort and frame stiffness without compromising on lightweight.

Festka Scalatore integrated next-gen lightweight carbon road bike, frameset

What looks outwardly like subtle, or even completely hidden upgrades, means Festka’s two most popular carbon road bikes – the One and Scalatore – can now be built up sleeker than ever, while protecting cables from the elements or external damage.

Festka One & Scalatore – Pricing & availability

Festka One integrated next-gen all-rounder carbon road bike, complete

Festka One

The new generation of made-to-order Festka One & Scalatore carbon road bikes are available for project builds now.

The new all-rounder Festka One road bike starts at 4290€ for the integrated carbon frameset in a wide range of standard sizes, and completely integrated One builds from 7590€.

Festka Scalatore integrated next-gen lightweight carbon road bike, complete

Festka Scalatore

The new lightweight Festka Scalatore starts at 5990€ for the integrated carbon frameset, and completely integrated Scalatore builds from 9290€.

Of course, Festka prides themselves both on full custom geometry for those that need it, and fully custom finishing for those who can afford it. The sky is the limit for top-tier Festka bike builds, whether you are looking at 16,000€+ for ultra premium builds or even 25,000€+ for one of their Artist Series builds…



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