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We Visited the OLA Future Factory: Electric Scooter Manufacturing

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Ola Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter was welcomed by the OLA Electric group to visit the OLA future production line. I was there with loads of writers from auto and established press. We had a visit through the production line and we additionally had a QnA meeting with Bhavish Aggarwal, the pioneer behind OLA Electric. Here is my blog and video on the day. In the video, I give a directed visit through the production line.

Looked into the Hilton at 19:30 hours. I expected that supper was not on the house, turned out it was. Halted from the air terminal to the inn at Indiranagar’s Hotel Rameshwaram,. Had a beautiful garlic dosa at this standing space just in. After a rich free Hilton breakfast, strolled into the gathering at 0930 hours. It took the Ola group an hour for the outing strategies to get coordinated. The majority of the deferrals were a result of us media folks.

Tarun began EV Gyan in 2019 when he was currently exploring EVs. He, when all is said and done, was on the lookout for one. He wound up purchasing the Revolt bike. It was perhaps the earliest clump; has not given him huge upkeep issues from the time it was bought. Tarun used to consistently trade batteries in the primary year, yet doesn’t trade these days. A couple of months prior, he got a shiny new battery at the trade station. From that point forward he has remained with a similar battery. In outrageous cold, there is a drop of around 5% in range. However, age-related range debasement has not been critical.

I met with Preeti Gupta, a specialist with the BBC. I got some information about associations that she takes care of and which have influenced her. She discussed Sonal, who runs https://protsahan.co.in, in Delhi which is accomplishing great work in teaching ghetto young ladies. Then there is Safeena Hussain, who runs a Mumbai-based NGO, https://www.educategirls.ngo, which works with 7500 schools the nation over. Safeena is hitched by a well-known filmmaker, Hansal Mehta.

Ola Scooter

Visited with Rajeev, who covers the auto area for ET Prime. In the Indian vehicle world, the benefit per vehicle is very great, however, the quantity of vehicles sold has diminished, on account of creation requirements constrained by chips lack. Interestingly, the creation requirement in the bike business is just low interest. ET Prime has formally got around 100,000 paid supporters. It could be half of that. One reason for the vertical swing in paid supporters has been the light offer market. Everyone needs to become rich, and they felt that buying into ET could assist them with arriving quicker. Was educated that the genuine cash for print media, aside from promoting, is on occasions.

There was another columnist who works with the Hindu. Like ET, even the Hindu offers a couple of stories free; the rest are open just for supporters. She covers new businesses. I got some information about new businesses that she has loved, She discussed Bolt, which is setting up charging stations for bikes utilizing 15 An attachment focuses. She discussed the Dream 11 supported Radio, which is into cricket NFTs. Also, there is Meesho, a social business application. I had accepted that Meesho had a plan of action like Udaan, which is into loading up retailers. Turns out that Meesho is a cutting-edge Group-on, yet more staple focussed. It empowers gatherings to meet up and purchase on the whole.
The organization had recruited 20 Innovas for media transport, and two columnists for every vehicle. We halted at Murugan Idli (Which reminds me of Channel V’s Quick Gun), for what I saw, later on, was lunch. The luxuriousness of the Hilton breakfast kept me from having anything over an espresso. I was informed that the Gun powder stacked Murugan idli is widely popular in Tamil Nadu.

It was 1400 hours when we took care of the 120 km to the Ola Future manufacturing plant, in the Sipcot modern region at Pochampally, in area Krishnagiri. The Ola folks like to call it Olapatti. Ola was established in 2011 by Bhavesh, a Punju from Ludhiana, who is hitched to Rajlakshmi, a Tam Brahm. The taxi-sharing help began in 2012. 2018 was the point at which they went International. 2018 was likewise the year they got into electric vehicles. The first thought was three-wheeler cart battery trading. Yet, Ola before long understood that trading is definitely not an extraordinary plan of action. So they turned to electric bike production. Ola’s fingers are presently in a large number of pies – resale of vehicle protection., car finance, and is currently even into recycled vehicles. In a manner they are additionally in the information business – the ongoing S1 Pro bikes alone are sending back information at the pace of a portion of 1,000,000 km each day.

A Brazilian ex-pat, Jose Pinheiro, heads production at Ola Electric. He joined Ola on Nov 20, following a long-term stretch at GM. He waits at Krishnagiri itself. At GM, he headed the Latin American tasks and was liable for plants with a creation limit of 1,000,000 vehicles each year. His involvement with Ola has been very not quite the same as GM. What any semblance of GM would require 2 years to assemble, Ola did in eight months. For more than 45 years, Jose thought he knew every one of the responses, however, Bhavesh has been posing him various inquiries.

Ola Scooter

Development of the Future production line began in 2020. Being a steel structure, the speed of development was great. Steel costs have gone north in two years, am certain that the market worth of the resource will be significantly more than the book esteem. They had a decent well-being record in development. Very nearly 7 million worker hours of work occurred with next to no mishaps. The objective is to have 2 million square feet of the built region. About 33% of the development has previously been finished. At the point when it is completely utilitarian, the plant will put out 10 million units for each annum. Or then again one bike at regular intervals. The arrangement is to have 10 mechanical production systems, each conveying one bike at regular intervals.

There is an arrangement for three sequential construction systems in the ongoing shed. At this moment, only one is functional. I held up at one of the stations and observed that one bike was passing me consistently. So creation is around 60 60 minutes, or 480 a shift. With breaks, the genuine day’s creation could be around 700-800 out of two movements. With three movements, the creation limit can be taken to be 1,000 every day. I don’t think the organization is as of now creating those numbers.

Hard to figure deals level from creation. I didn’t see an adequate number of loads of sub congregations. Likewise, the paint shop was working at an extremely low level. I didn’t see any despatches occurring, which are significant in a plant that is working at full limit. There are 30 state dissemination focuses. As of now, they convey no less than a month of the request. The objective is to get this down to multi-week. The organization opened appointments in March and they accept that they will want to convey all of the March bookings in the following two months. From that point onward, I figure an open booking framework will begin.

Stage 1 of the Future Factory is a steel shed of aspects 600 m by 300 m by 17 m. Inside the shed, a pit has been dug to make 2 sections of land timberland on the shop floor. The roof of the woods region will be opened up once the dirt laying is finished. Rather than opening the roof, they can take a gander at introducing straightforward sheets, so the trees can finish the work of separating within industrial facility air! Past the shop floor woods, there is one more shed arranged, with comparative aspects. Likewise, a 100 section of land timberland is being arranged around the primary plant. We have not recounted any water gathering plan, so I surmise a large portion of the water is stopped by pipeline. The paint shop alone expects around one lakh liters of cosmetics water consistently. (Not an exceptionally high figure via auto principles.) 95% of the water is reused.

The manufacturing plant was very spotless. Commotion levels at the industrial facility were low. There are six air zones. Ventilation was great – with pipes for water-cooled air and 10-meter measurement roof super-fans. One of the enormous in addition to points of these fans is that they run at insignificant commotion levels. The wind current is made more by the length of the sharp edges, than by the speed of the sharp edges. Would be fascinating so that my companion Mathew Job at Crompton could check whether bigger fans lessen commotion levels in more modest office/home conditions.

1800 ladies work at the manufacturing plant. Given its area, getting administrators with experience would have been a test. The underlying idea was to have a 70-30 orientation split, however, at that point, Bhavesh inquired as to why not a 100% female labor force? What’s more, that is how it is today. Most administrators are new science moves on from neighboring towns. I had a go at getting some information about beginning compensation however didn’t get that data. The fresher preparation program is between 1 to 90 days. It’s hands-on preparing for the administrators. Bhavesh asserted that a portion of the administrators is ladies, yet I didn’t see so many of them. I surmise with time, up portability will occur for a portion of the administrators.

The miserable reality at Ola is that scarcely anyone drives the Ola bike to work. There are around 50 transports that ship people the 15 to 20 km that they expect to arrive at the processing plant. Tragically the transport armada is diesel Tempo Travelers. I keep thinking about whether Bhavesh utilizes an electric vehicle himself! Canine fooding is truly required – Team Ola. Go Electric yourself. The Nagpur Ola Mahindra E20 explore tumbled, however with better vehicles coming in – Ola, the taxi organization, ought to return to their EV system. We have previously seen any semblance of BluSmart accomplishing great work in Delhi with EV taxis.

The S1 is based on a steel outline, which has around 40 young parts. Outline welding is done in-house in a little ABB weld line. Ola might have rethought skeleton welding, however, they accept that the bike assemble quality will rely upon their welding abilities. Two 6 Axis robots do the welding. The welding area ought to have been in a different structure, however, the great thought was to put everything under one rooftop. There is a different air cleansing plants for the welding zone and PM 2.5 levels are superior to most Indian streets. There is a 3D review of the casing, with vehicle quality information getting into the cloud, right at the assembling stage.

Battery Pack Manufacturing

The battery is the core of the industrial facility and the vehicle. 35 to 40% of the vehicle cost is the battery. It weighs 24 kg. The science is NCA, which is again what Tesla utilizes. Contrasted with NMC science, NCA has an extremely high warm control temperature increase of around 470 deg C each moment. For NMC it is 200 deg C each moment. Also, the lord of warm wanderers is the LFP, with an ascent of scarcely 1.5 deg C each moment. No big surprise, Tesla is currently moving towards LFP. What’s more, I trust Ola additionally does that soon. Ola folks have done tests like putting away the battery at 120 degrees Celsius and testing it at temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius. They accept that their battery can work at 60 degrees Celsius..

Heat the board is finished with a conductive warm layer at the base and top. There are balances along the edges for cooling the pack. Warm Interface Material is applied at the base and at the highest point of the pack. Around 400 grams of material is utilized in a layer that is a couple of millimeters thick. The warm point of interaction material, made by blending a white liquid with a dim liquid, is applied by an ABB Robot. There is a 5° C slope across the pack. The main tension is the means by which great a cooling position a plastic case and plastic balances would do. A secret someone lets me know that the first Etergo configuration required an aluminum battery case. Yet, convenience in the Etergo configuration made them go in for lighter plastic. With the ongoing plan being a proper pack, Ola people can relook the aluminum choice.

The focal passage on the flooring plank is utilized to make space for the handle of the battery. It could act as a cooling conduit for the battery. There is a top cover and base cover. To make the battery pack into a solitary fundamental unit you have UV delicate paste applied at four spots for each cell in the base cover and two spots for every cell in the top cover. After the robot applies the paste, the batteries are placed in and the pack goes through a UV passage to quick restoring of the paste. The stuck covers are kept in a dull region since bright beams in the daylight start the restoring system rashly. There is a computerized visual check to affirm the appropriate paste.

Inside a pack, there are 16 cell lines in equal and 14 in series, making it an aggregate of 224 cells. LG is the single merchant for cells. The Ola group visited right around 100 makers before settling on LG. The cells are put away in an extraordinary low-temperature region. There are two cell modules in a single battery pack. 112 cells go into the LH module and a similar number in the RH module. 4 cells are picked together and set in one line by the pick and spot robot. In the front piece of the battery, the line length goes down to 3 cells. Each NCA cell is evaluated at 3.6 V, 5 Ah, so each line has a voltage of 3.6 * 14 = 57. 6 V. Each of the 16 lines set up, you have 16 % 5 = 80 Ah. So energy capacity of the pack is 57.6 * 80 = 4.6 kWh.

Cells are qualified and described by impedance. Voltage differential in arranging is at timespans 10 mV. I could see a large portion of them going into a solitary arranging line. Was informed that resiliences are close, so most times cells go into only two arranging lines. There is an aluminum transport bar for associating the cells in series. In the battery pack, there are arrangements for current shorts and venting. The cells are appended to an aluminum transport bar utilizing an APK Delvetech wire holding machine. Unexpectedly Tesla likewise utilizes wire holding. The wire goes about as a circuit that cut off flows assuming they surpass a specific cutoff. The wire material is additionally aluminum. Examining is done to check the holding force and the profundity of the wire security into the busbar.

There are 25 sensors in the BMS, alongside telematics. Information is ported out every hundred microseconds. Temperature checks are done so the BMS can segregate in the event of short out or high temperatures. The BMS is without a doubt bigger than the PowerSwap BMS. The connectors are dashed to the BMS. There are four nuts on the BMS: two on the battery side and two on the vehicle side. There are 14 screws that should be fixed during the battery pack get-together. There are electrical force torques. There is a green light that lights up on a board set before the administrator then the right force has been accomplished.

The pack is IP67 appraised, and that implies that it is water and residue safe. To legitimize the rating, the collected battery goes for an air spill test. Air at 97 millibars is sent into the pack and strain drop is checked. The lower the tension drop the better the fixing. A portion of the packs goes through a water-drenching test. It is cheering to realize that the bike has gone through a 500 mm water swimming test.

There is a fast charge station, which stops points dismissal. Dismissal at a later stage is costly, as the full charge-release test requires 8 hours for each pack, and consumes a great deal of energy. The batteries are then stacked onto a streetcar and testing is finished with batteries mounted on the actual streetcar. An organization called makes the battery test gear. The battery segment has a cooled space for the charge-release test that occurs for each pack on Chroma ET machines. Every battery requires around 8 hours to do that.

The phones are at a 30% SoC during the gathering activity. SoC is taken up from 30 to 100 % then got down from 100 to 20 %. Inconclusive stage, SoC is got up from 0 to 50 %. Right now the release test load is resistive. They ought to take a gander at utilizing the battery release energy for running gear on the battery line or siphon energy back into the processing plant framework. The battery unit can deliver just around 0.5 million batteries, so it might turn out to be a bottleneck in the future. The ongoing dismissal rate at the pack level is around 3-5%.

Paint Shops
There are two paint shops: one for the plastic parts and one for the edge. The paint is dissolvable based on plastic and water-based for outline painting. The paint is as of now imported from Germany. There are 16 polypropylene plastic parts that require painting. Just the outside surfaces are painted. There is positive tension in the paint shop kept up through a downdraft. The parts are first taken through a pre-cleaning process. Then, at that point, you have a station where hand cleaning is finished utilizing Isopropyl liquor. Electrostatic paint is utilized for painting. A nonconductive preliminary is applied before painting begins. Then, at that point, the parts are cleaned with de-ionized air.

The artwork robot is shrouded in material and a layer of plastic. 10 tones input conceivable at the composition robot. It requires 40 seconds for a variety of changes. Toward the finish of the artistic creation line, there is a manual final detail, trailed by a warmed region where the preliminary is streaked off. Then there is a reasonable coat application, utilizing an ABB robot once more. The air filtration unit likewise cools the air to 22 degrees C before it is re-coursed in the artistic creation region. Could see a great deal of paint being showered external the part, yet was informed that there is 85% effectiveness in paint use.

For the outline painting segment, water-based paints are utilized. Water is reused utilizing RO. 100,000 liters of makeup water is required. As far as it goes, there is a regen oxidizer, which is a muddled approach to saying that the dissolvable is scorched here. The consumed air is sifted and the hot air is provided to the paint stove at 100 degrees Celsius. There are seven cleaning tanks for the casing. For inner covering, there are openings in the edge. In the Front fork gathering, there is a base red plastic part, I surmise that should be a seal for the bearing. Not an excessive number of casings were being painted when we visited.

Mechanical production system
We finished the visit by visiting the mechanical production system. There are 40 stations on a 112 m long transport. I preferred the plan of transport. Was 10 feet wide and moved at around 3 mph; the streetcars and laborers move alongside the bikes on the transport. Every streetcar is kitted out with every one of the parts that are expected for making the bicycle. This guarantees adaptability and customization. The painted plastic parts are not placed on the streetcars. They are kept in independent canisters.

There is a great deal of Novus Carry independent vehicles, which are utilized for material dealing. These folks dock and charge all alone. These independent vehicles likewise move at a similar speed as the transport. The primary totals are the powertrain, the front fork subassembly, and the boot subassembly. The PMSM engine isn’t being made in that frame of mind, there are plans to do that soon. There are four dynamometers as far as it goes. 25 boundaries are checked like slowing down distance, max speed, and so on.

What’s Ola’s interpretation of the fire occurrences?

Worldwide EV organizations have additionally had five episodes. Healing measures ought to be taken. For the Pune fire, an outer organization has been approached to research and report back to the organization. Because of the report, a review of clumps can occur. This will increment shopper certainty. Fire is likewise an issue with ICE. Even though Okinawa and Pure have reviewed, except if the main driver is sorted out, there is no reason for the review. Ola upholds punishment assuming government feels that it can assist with further developing the well-being of the EV industry. The bike has been tried. A great deal of re-designing was done on the Ergo. Just the style was kept. NMC is energy thick. Summer isn’t exactly an issue for fire. Burning of the cell occurs at just 120 degrees Volkswagen vehicles have burst into flames even in snow. Future items could be LFP-based. Impede was shown where holding wire melts and detaches during shortcircuits.

Did the speed of the send-off prompt a flawed bike?

New disruptors consistently make distress. There is an expansion in commotion level in media. He accepts that Ola’s issues can be fixed on the grounds that they are such a lot programming-driven. Programming fixes are simpler and quicker. Ola is coordinated by tech verticals, not results.

What number of appointments have been dropped?

Was not explicit, but some of them have been. Lower-priced variant S1 will be launched soon.

Did the speed of the send-off prompt an inadequate bike?

New disruptors consistently make distress. There is an expansion in commotion level in media. He accepts that Ola’s issues can be fixed because they are such a lot of programming-driven. Programming fixes are more straightforward and quicker. Ola is coordinated by tech verticals, not side effects.

There are warm issues in hyper mode. What are you doing about it?

Ather likewise has comparative issues. You want to de-rate the bike then.

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