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Wahoo updates Elemnt Roam GPS with 32GB memory, better navigation and much more

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Wahoo’s flagship head unit features many updates but keeps its legacy feel and operation. The updated Wahoo Elemnt Roam boasts dual-band GPS, enhanced navigation, updated Summit Segments Climb, higher contrast screen, upgraded memory capacity, and more…

Wahoo Elemnt Roam blue skys

Photo credit: Wahoo

What’s new — Wahoo Elemnt

Cycling head unit technology is rapidly progressing, leaving head units that look more like little cell phones and less like cycling gear. Wahoo isn’t as quick to jump on the mini-phone wagon, and we’re thankful for it. The new Wahoo Elemnt has hyper-modern features with a classic feel that keeps you in the zone without overstimulating.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam mapping

Photo: Jordan Villella

Updated Navigation

For most, navigation is the main reason for a head unit. Wahoos’ updated Roam features Dual Band GPS, delivering a more accurate navigation experience. Dual Band GPS helps deliver an enhanced and more accurate navigation experience, whether in the wooded single track, limited GPS areas, or in dense urban areas.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam climbing feature

Summit Segments Climb

The updated Summit Segments Climb feature makes it even more accessible than ever for cyclists to check on the progress of a climb and when it’s coming to an end. This climbing feature automatically detects climbs in a preloaded route, shows any completed climbs, and allows users to view more in-depth information about the current or upcoming climbs in their ride.

Wahoo X Workout

64-color screen

Like the updated Bolt, the Roam boasts a 64-color high-contrast screen, allowing users to navigate their workout screens easily. Wahoo chose the colors thoughtfully, too many colors can be distracting, and Wahoo found the ones that are easy to see and will keep riders focused. The updated colorways give riders a better experience for navigation and easy to rear detailed mapping data. The easier-to-read color-coded charts, graphs, and data fields are straight and to the point.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam in hand

Upgraded memory

An upgrade to the memory capacity of the ROAM to 32GB allows users to manage and store a more significant number of regional map packs and stored routes. No more deleting and updating maps while traveling. The new Elemnt has the same 17-hour battery as the previous model.

Wahoo X Workout

Wahoo experience

It’s not a secret that Wahoo is growing. We can see the fitness giant developing an entire ecosystem to extrapolate all the data and eventually be the one-stop shop for Wahoo athletes to upload. The Roam inches closer to that goal and integrates seamlessly into Wahoo’s connected ecosystem of training solutions.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam arty view

Photo: Jordan Villella

Riders can sync their workouts on the Roam unit with their Wahoo X subscription, allowing them access to outdoor structured workouts and a complete indoor and outdoor workout history in the Wahoo SYSTEM app. For those training/racing indoors, the new Roam also controls all Kickr Smart Trainers and the Kickr Bike.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam real life size

Photo: Jordan Villella

LEDs and USB-C

Those who are Elemnt lifers, don’t worry; the new Roam carries the features you love that have been there from the beginning. The quick-look LED lights are still there and match up with the colors that correspond on the screen.

For modern, easy charging, the new Roam employs USB-C charging capabilities. Plus, improvements on the classics like updated convex buttons (no more hard times pushing “lap” in the cold), an ambient light sensor, perfect view zoom options, on-device smart navigation, and seamless multisport handover, to name but a few.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam rider view

Photo: Jordan Villella

Wahoo Elemnt Roam — First Impressions

The unit is easy to set up out of the box, and the display is crisp and clean. I love that Wahoo uses the Elemnt app to set up the screen, and has a new backup, just in case you lose or want to restore a previous iteration of your screen setup.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam mapping feature

Photo: Jordan Villella

On the road, the Wahoo is easy to use, and the buttons are a nice change from the touch screen I used previously. There isn’t much more you need for a training and navigation unit than the Elemnt Roam provides.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam pan zoom feature

Photo: Jordan Villella

The 64-color screen is just the right amount of color accent to keep you engaged and not bored with a monotone screen, but it only highlights essential metrics. One of my favorite features is the LEDs that correspond with the heart rate or power numbers. It’s perfect for intervals and my current on-course cyclocross workouts.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam showing BPM LED

As for mapping and radar, the Roam is on par with most that I’ve used, and considering the $399 price point, it’s better for the money. Pairing the Roam with my rear radar was easy, same with all other gadgets around my cycling life, trainer included.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam front view

Slim, aero and will match your bike’s paint, no matter what color. Photo: Jordan Villella

The mapping on the single track and out on the roads is easy to use and get directions. I found the perfect zoom slightly hard to use at first, but once I figured out the pan zoom feature, I was good to get lost.

We’re thoroughly enjoying our time on the new Wahoo Elemnt Roam; look for a full in-depth review in the future.

Price and availability

The new Elemnt Roam is available for $399.99. For more information, visit: www.wahoofitness.com


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