Charged EVs | Simplify and overcome the challenges in electric aircraft motor and inverter testing

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In recent years there has been an increased interest in electric and more electric aircraft, including both novel all-electric aircraft, drones, rigid air ships, and traditional aircraft with efficient and more electric components. Validating these systems and components has challenges due to the nature of aerospace testing as well as the high level of sophistication of the systems.

Aerospace testing requires rigorous reliability testing and validation on all electrical and mechanical systems before planes and components can fly. Many of the technologies that enable the high level of reliability also create technical challenges in both design and measurement.

This paper will expand on some of the challenges seen in electric aircraft testing and how HBK’s eDrive system helps overcome these challenges which include test stand setup, high complexity testing, measurement of high frequency power, electromechanical testing, and high voltage testing

Sponsored by HBK

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