Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes The Trxstle Geryon is a Universal Front & Rear Bike Rack for Any Bike!

The Trxstle Geryon is a Universal Front & Rear Bike Rack for Any Bike!

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Outdoor gear and apparel company, Trxstle (pronounced “trestle”) has an interesting way for any bike to carry what you want. Introducing the Geryon Bike Rack System. The Geryon is a universal rack system that is designed to work with the fork steerer and seatpost as mounting points. This allows the Geryon to be used with just about any style of bike you might have in your quiver.

Judging by the photos, this rack can be used for anything like bikepacking, fishing, hunting, or just running errands. Looks like you could even find a way to affix some front and rear panniers and do some touring.

The Geryon has adjustable angles and positions to accommodate your bike and gear “like no other rack on the market”, Trxstle says.

Geryon Bike Rack System on log

The Geryon, Trxstle says, is designed to not hamper your steering like a handlebar bag might. Instead, it puts that weight on the bike’s frame, where they say it belongs.

Geryon Bike Rack System attachment to seat tube

Furthermore, Trxstle claims that the adjustable rack won’t block your dropper post’s travel like they say a seat pack could.

Geryon Bike Rack System rear storage

In addition, the Geryon looks like it’s designed to use any stuff sack or dry bag you already have and strap it right to the rack, alleviating the need to buy hyper-specific bikepacking bags.

Geryon Bike Rack System loaded up

This would essentially allow the user to turn any bike into a bikepacking rig… including full-suspension bikes, and carbon-framed gravel bikes without proper adventure nipples.

Geryon Bike Rack System bow and arrow

What’s more, it’s fully modular allowing you to really pick and choose how to configure it to fit your needs.

As you would expect, you can add the optional Utility Deck to carry bigger items like hunting tools or other bulky items, Kolpin Rhino Grip XL, Cinch and Utility straps, and even a BWC Fly Box. The Geryon will also accommodate all future accessories from Trxstle.

Geryon Bike Rack System shovel

Finally, you can even take some of your favorite trail maintenance tools with you.

See instructions, tech info, and mounting info here.

The Geryon Bike Rack Features and Retail


  • 30lbs of gear capacity (15lbs front + 15lbs rear)
  • Easily mounts to our custom headset spacer and your standard seatpost
  • Fully adjustable front and rear rack positions
  • The front payload is carried by the frame of the bike, not your handlebars
  • Your dropper post remains unaffected
  • Doesn’t hamper your suspension
  • 3lb total system weight with all hardware
  • 6061-T6 anodized aluminum construction

Retail: $278

That includes:

  • Front and rear racks
  • Central control arm
  • All mounting hardware
  • Seatpost adapters for 27.2, 30.9, and 31.6 sizes
  • (4) 12″ cinch straps



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