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The New MOOTS Cycles Vamoots CRD, A fully Dedicated Road Machine!

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Early last week, at Pedalers Fork in Calabasas, Ca. Moots Cycles showed us their all-new pure road machine – the Vamoots CRD (Complete Road Design). And it’s a beaut!

But first, let’s talk for a moment about the launch venue that was chosen because I think it speaks to the mindset of Moots Cycling in general.

Pedalers Fork is a destination-worthy cafe that displays a real celebration of the bicycle as its theme, as well as also being a full-fledged bike shop and flagship dealer for Moots. It was the perfect place for a new bike launch for Moots Cycles.

The launch was preceded by the fantastic food that the cafe is known for, and it was awesome to see that they serve their own cycling community so well as a bike shop, not to mention as the home to 10 Speed Coffee. So, it’s a one-stop shop if you are out riding in the amazing surrounding area.

Pedalers Fork work shop

Inside the repair shop.

Ok, on to the launch!

The Vamoots CRD

Moots Cycles Vamoots CRD top tube branding

The New Vamoots CRD is the pinnacle of the Moots Cycles road bike experience. It has been 100% developed as a no-compromise, pure road bike. With speed being the core of its design.

Moots Cycles Vamoots CRD front side ds

Moots says the CRD is a modern-day road bike that is ready for the open road. Having the soul and essence of a pure road bike means that the CRD’s love for the paved road is first and foremost. Eating up the climbs, bombing the descents, and straightening out the curves of the road captures what lies at the heart of a dedicated road bike.

Moots Cycles Vamoots CRD side front nds

Moots Cycles says that they used their “legendary” double-butted RSL tube set to build the CRD, giving it what they call a “light and crisp” ride.

Moots Cycles Vamoots CRD in action 2

Photo c. Moots Cycles

Moots Cycles Vamoots CRD drop out welds

Moots Cycles Vamoots CRD rear deralleur wire routing

Moots used their latest and most refined 3D printed dropouts that not only save weight and add stiffness at the rear wheel but also offer perfect brake caliper alignment.

Their “pencil-thin” seat stays contribute to the renowned Moots ride quality. The seat stays and the top tube ar welded to a separate seat collar that has thicker walls, taking the heat of welding better while adding strength where it is needed. The rest of the seat tube, with much thinner walls where strength isn’t as big of a factor, is added later. No surprise, but I have to say that the welds here are pretty stunning.

Moots Cycles Vamoots CRD proprietary Chris King Headset

VAMOOTS CRD brake hose routing

Photo c. Moots Cycling

The all-NEW integrated cockpit combined with the T47 bottom bracket, allowed Moots to route all brake hose lines internally, making it their “cleanest-looking road bike to date”.

Moots Cycles Vamoots CRD welds

The welds on the T 47 bottom bracket are pretty.

The new Vamoots CRD is built to perform the best with 28-30mm road tires, but Moots says it can clear a 32mm.

Moots Cycles Vamoots CRD in action

Photo c. Moots Cycles

Straight from the press release, “The bottom line: Pavement, pass bagging, and grand touring is all in the realm of this pointed road performer. Road riding never goes out of style on a Moots.”

As usual, all that Moots goodness comes with a Moots-worthy price tag of roughly $13k.

Frame Spec, Retail Price and Geometry

Frame spec:

  • 44mm headtube
  • Chris King Aero 3 headset
  • T47 Bottom bracket//86.5 shell
  • 27.2 seat post diameter
  • 142×12 rear spacing
  • Max tire: 32mm
  • Electronic shifting only

Retail Price: $$13,086




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