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CyclingCeramic ODC upgrades Campagnolo road derailleurs

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CyclingCeramic rounds out their full ODC oversized derailleur cage upgrade kit offerings with carbon cages for Campagnolo 11 & 12-speed road bike groupsets. While only top-tier Super Record comes stock with ceramic bearings in its pulleys, now SR, Record, Chorus, and even Centaur derailleurs can scale up to CyclingCeramic’s latest giant 14/19T pulley wheel combination to reduce drivetrain drag whether you are running mechanical or electronic shifting…

CyclingCeramic Campagnolo ODC 14/19T derailleur upgrade


CyclingCeramic still makes the over-the-top claim that their ODC oversized derailleur cages will decrease drivetrain friction by up to 98% –  comparing a premium upgraded derailleur to an absolutely bottom-tier stock Shimano Acera setup. In any case, we have seen more trustworthy evidence that bigger pulley wheels, reduced chain tension, and ceramic bearings have all been shown to reduce drivetrain friction.

Oversized carbon cage & ceramic bearing upgrades

CyclingCeramic Campagnolo ODC oversized derailleur cage carbon titanium ceramic upgrade, Campy Super Record 11s

c. CyclingCeramic

CyclingCeramic’s latest oversized derailleur cage upgrade kits now all feature a large 14T/19T pulley wheel combination to further reduce friction by decreasing the angle your chain bends as it passes through the derailleur and around your cassette, with a side benefit of claimed shift quality improvement. CyclingCeramic claims their oversized pulley upgrades have been independently verified by Friction Facts to have the “lowest level of friction with only 0.03 watt”.

The cages themselves are machined carbon fiber plate, bearings spin Grade 3 ceramic balls inside high-quality steel races, the oversized pulleys wheels are machined & anodized aluminum, and it is all held together with titanium bolts.

CyclingCeramic ODC 14/19T – Pricing & options

CyclingCeramic Campagnolo ODC oversized derailleur cage carbon titanium ceramic upgrade, Campy colors

Even though the Campy ODC upgrade kits cost $350, CyclingCeramic still likes to call the cage & ceramic bearing combo a #FreeSpeed upgrade.

Pick your combo with black, gold, red, or blue ano pulleys. Three different CyclingCeramic Campagnolo cage versions are available for the same price to fit: Campy Super Record EPS 12s, all mechanical Campy 12s derailleurs, and all mechanical & EPS electronic Campy 11s derailleurs.



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