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The Convenience of Electric Bike Rental

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Electric Bike Rental

If bike shares are not available where you live, there is another way to enjoy electric bikes even if you can’t afford one. Electric bike rentals do exist. These rentals are doing a great thing by allowing those that couldn’t afford them a way to get some good, healthy exercise. Are there other reasons you should rent an electric bike? Yes, there a lot of reasons to consider trying electric bike rental.

Electric Bike Rentals are Great for Those that are just Starting Out

It’s no secret that electric bikes are pricey. They can cost up to thousands of dollars. By investing in an electric bike rental, you have the opportunity to try before you buy. Those considering an electric bike would benefit from renting by getting ideas about the different brands, styles, and sizes. At the end of the rental, if you thought less of the experience, you wouldn’t have blown a considerable amount of money on something you wouldn’t use again. Or, you may love it, and the rental is what convinces you to buy your own. A new hobby could be on the horizon. 

Electric bike rental would also be ideal for casual riders who wouldn’t ride as much. Renting would be a cheaper solution, and you can get a rental whenever you want. Don’t throw away thousands of dollars on something you would hardly ever use.

Electric Bike Rentals Can Benefit Travelers

An electric bike rental is an excellent solution if you travel often and want something lighter than a rental car. Additionally, electric bikes are harder to store for travel, so renting one would be preferable to owning one when traveling.

You Aren’t Responsible for Repairs When Renting

Like a car rental, you aren’t responsible for any repairs needed when going through an electric bike rental. People that want to ride an electric bike but aren’t knowledgeable about repairs could still ride without the worry. Since renting would prevent the costs of repairs, it would save more money in the end.

On average, a rental electric bike may cost up to $20 an hour. If you rent frequently, this adds up, and you are better off purchasing one for unlimited use. However, if you can’t afford one, wouldn’t ride often, or want to test one out, an electric bike rental is still a viable option. Londoners seem to think that bike rental is worth it.

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Oren Sabag is an entrepreneur with 21 years of retail/wholesale experience. He now runs Bone Shaker Electric Bikes in Venice and Santa Monica. He also founded one of the first startups in the world that provided financial services to migrant workers via a mobile platform, Neema.



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