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Ciamillo is back with World’s Lightest carbon crankset at 279g?!

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It would be easy to look at the weight of the Gravitas Gen 13 cranksets and think, “that’s probably the weight for one of the arms.” But no. That fairly unbelievable claim of 279g includes both arms, spider, spindle, and the hardware. That should make it the lightest crankset out there – which was Ted Ciamillo’s goal from the outset.

As Ted would tell it though, he didn’t really want to get back into producing cranksets. But thanks to a number of customers begging for a new run, he decided to take aim at the ‘world’s lightest’ title in the process.

Ciamillo Gravitas Gen 13 carbon crankset

Built around hollow carbon fiber crank arms with an internal honeycomb structure for strength, the crankset uses a removable carbon spindle with alloy bearing faces.

This spindle construction allows the spindle to be customized during construction to fit different bottom bracket standards and chain lines (43.5 and 44.5mm). The crankset will be available to fit SRAM DUB and all 30mm spindle configurations–though there’s no 24mm spindle option.

integrated chainring spider

3D rendering of the final product

The chainring spider will be fully carbon and integrated into the crank arm. This spider is 2x specific, though Ciamillo may have a 1x compatible version by late spring. The crankset does not include chainrings, so you’ll have to provide your own compact 110 BCD chainrings – though Ciamillo recommends Praxis Buzz rings.

How much is the ‘world’s lightest crankset’? You may want to sit down. Even before adding chainrings and a bottom bracket, the Gravitas Gen 13 crankset will set you back $1,888. That price includes the arms, spider, spindle, and hardware. As mentioned, you’ll have to provide your own bottom bracket and chainrings.

Offered in 170mm or 172.5mm arms only, the cranks have a 110kg weight limit and will begin shipping on March 23. Stay tuned for an actual review soon!



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