Electric Vehicles For India Electric Scooter A ton of features for just $1,699!

A ton of features for just $1,699!

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The Eunorau G30 Cargo may not stand out that much from many of the other cargo e-bikes on the market, at least not at first glance. But check out just how many nice little hidden features you get here for the price!

I try not to compare everything to Rad Power Bikes, but since they’re the most prolific e-bike maker in the US, sometimes it’s inevitable.

If we ignore the small fact that their RadWagon 4 was recalled for a tire and rim issue, then its $1,999 e-bike is basically the most well-known value-level electric cargo bike.

Not only does the $1,699 Eunorau G30 e-bike significantly undercut that price, but it also comes with a bunch of nice parts we don’t find on the RadWagon 4.

Check out my video review of the G30 e-bike below to see what I mean, then keep reading for my in-depth write-up.

Eunorau G30 Cargo electric bike video review

Eunorau G30 Cargo tech specs

  • Motor: 500W rear-geared hub motor
  • Top speed: 25 mph (40 km/h)
  • Range: 25-50 miles (40-80 km) with single battery, double with dual batteries
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah (672 Wh)
  • Weight: 69 lb (31.7 kg) with second battery
  • Tires: 20 x 2.8″
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors
  • Extras: Suspension fork, LED display, LED headlight and tail/brake light, Y-kickstand, Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, included fenders and wooden rear rack platform with matching wooden running boards, mounting points for front and rear rack accessories
eunorau g30 cargo electric bike review

A high-value electric cargo bike

All right, let’s break down all the stuff you get here.

First, the bike comes with those wooden running boards. That’s a great place to strap on some extra grocery bags or let your kids rest their feet. And that’s usually a $50-$100 added accessory on most other electric cargo bikes.

Sometimes a wooden deck on the rear rack makes it a bit harder to lash things down since it covers some of the exposed frame members that can be good for tying rope or hooking bungee cords. But in this case, you still have a number of exposed frame rails on the sides that should be good for tie-downs.

Next, there’s a suspension fork. That’s also a rarity on cargo e-bikes.

Now to be fair, it’s usually a rarity because most suspension forks just aren’t rated to take the kind of punishing loads that fully loaded e-cargo bikes see on a daily basis.

The Eunorau G30 Cargo is rated for 440 pounds (200 kg) of payload, and I don’t know if that fork can handle that much weight for years of use. So maybe that’s a downside in the long term, but it’s certainly a comfort upgrade in the short term.

eunorau g30 cargo electric bike review

Next, there are several battery options. The standard battery is 48V 14Ah (672 Wh), which is pretty much the industry standard at this point.

But you can upgrade it to a 48V 20Ah (960 Wh) battery for more range or even add a second battery to double your range. Some cargo e-bikes have a second battery option, but most don’t.

Moving on, we’ve got a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h)! That’s fast, especially for a cargo bike! Now, is it wise to let people take a bike that could conceivably carry 440 pounds of stuff and souls up to 25 mph? I’m not sure it is. But this is ’Murica, and we do what we want!

It should be noted that the out-of-the-box speed is just 20 mph (32 km/h), though there’s a setting in the display to unlock the extra five miles per hour of fun.

To mitigate the potential super fast and super heavy scenario I painted above, the Eunorau G30 Cargo also comes with hydraulic disc brakes. Those give it extra stopping power and, frankly, are an important safety consideration on cargo e-bikes, in my opinion.

eunorau g30 cargo electric bike review

That’s a lot of nice features that are often left off other cargo e-bikes in the market. And considering that the $1,699 price is below most of those other cargo e-bikes, you’re actually getting more for less here. That’s been a hallmark of many of Eunorau’s value-minded electric bikes lately.

In terms of the actual ride, the bike is what I’d call “good, not great.” It’s just fine, but it’s not like a comfort cruiser or anything. It sure rides well, and you can get a good pedal stroke, though, thanks to the conventional layout and bike saddle. For those that like to get their workout in, that will be important.

Me? To be honest I throttled around a lot during my testing. I wanted to pedal, and I certainly did sometimes. But on a long, heavy bike like this where you’re spending a bit more mental energy keeping track of where your cargo and passengers are, having the throttle is a really nice option.

The seven-speed drivetrain will be a boon for those that live in hillier areas, but I basically left it in seventh gear all the time. In flat Florida, it just wasn’t necessary to switch gears very often. When I wanted to pedal from a stop, a slight throttle blip got me moving quickly and meant I only had a few pedal rotations in high gear, which was barely worth downshifting for.

eunorau g30 cargo electric bike review

With regard to value, I really can’t complain about this e-bike. Sure, it doesn’t come with the massive customer support team you’d get with a larger company. And who knows what happens a year or two from now if you need a new battery (though it’d be easy enough to lop off the battery connector and add your own if you needed one).

But for pure bang for your buck, I still can’t believe you get this much cargo e-bike with nice features like suspension and hydraulic disc brakes for just $1,699. That’s a great deal!

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