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Stashed Products has Two New SpaceRail Systems to Suit Your Bike Storage Needs

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Remember that next-level bike storage solution we wrote about last year? The Stashed SpaceRail has revolutionized the way I store my bikes, helping me fit more bikes into a smaller space than would be possible with the use of basic stationary hooks, while also making any one of them far more easy to access. That’s because each hook can slide along the rail, and each hook can rotate such that the stored, elevated bikes can be jiggled about as you wish with no drama.

stashed spacerail wall hanging bike storage rail

Stashed Products launched the SpaceRail with a basic ceiling-mounted option, but now they have added a Wall-Hanging Option, as well as an Angled-Ceiling Mount option, to bring the SpaceRail’s benefits to more bike riders and bike shop owners.

Stashed Wall-Hanging and Angled-Ceiling Mounted SpaceRail

For those unable to make use of the ceiling-mounted Stashed SpaceRail for whatever reason, the Welsh manufacturer has introduced a Wall-Hanging option. It has the very same modular design as the original SpaceRail, able to accomodate any number of bikes between 1 and 24.

stashed space rail hook max load 30 kg max tire width 3"

The starting price for the Wall-Hanging SpaceRail is £309.99. That gets you one rail and one hook. Additional hooks retail at £50, so a more realistic price is £449.99 for the single rail with four hooks for hanging four bikes. The maximum weight limit for each hook is 30 kg, thus most eMTBs, with the maximum capacity for each rail at 100 kg. Maximum tire size is 3.0″.

stashed spacerail bike hook locking mechanism

The hooks themselves can rotate freely about 360° when loaded, and are meant to lock into place when unloaded to make it easier to load a bike on. In reality, I found that the hooks are still able to rotate while unloaded, albeit with a little more resistance. Thus, I would say it is merely a partial lock and you still need to take care not to knock the hook when lifting a bike on.

stashed spacerail angled ceiling mount

Then, there’s the Angled Ceiling-Mount option, possibly suitable for ceilings where the beams aren’t appropriately positioned to use the original SpaceRail. This could be the preferred option for those who need to ensure the bikes are hanging freely without touching the wall to allow for some rotation. The angled mounts can offset the hooks anywhere from 0° to 120° with respect to the actual location of ceiling attachment.

This one is the more affordable option at £199.99 for the single rail, single hook combo; the four-bike setup will set you back £349.99. Going from a four-bike to a five-bike setup raises the price to £499.99 because you’ll need a second rail and a fifth hook. Importantly, the bikes can slide between neighboring rails for ultimate flexibility. For a sense of scale, and for the benefit of bike shop owners, the 24-bike storage solution will set you back £1,849.



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