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SOMA Fabrication’s New Alt-Handlebars add adjustable extensions for extra hand positions

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San Fransisco’s SOMA Fabrications has released two new handlebars with extensions, increasing their already sizable collection of alt-bars available. Meet the Clarence II with the Cletus extensions and the HWY 17 with Road Extensions.

Soma Fab is answering the need for cyclists to have multiple hand positions during long-distance gravel events, bikepacking, and long-distance touring by adding custom-designed extensions to two of their most popular handlebars. These extensions will offer functionality and comfort.

Soma Fab says that the extensions can be angled up/down just like other bar ends or extensions, but it will also allow the customer to freely rotate the horns to fine-tune their setup to suit individual needs. Soma will look into adding horns of different shapes to the lineup after gathering customer feedback.



Soma Clarence II w/ Cletus Extensions

the Soma Clarence II with Cletus Extensions



Clarence II Bar with extensions Wrapped

Clarence Bar with Cletus extensions

Clarence II and Cletus Combo Bar

Soma Fab’s Clarence bar has a 34° backsweep for a natural feeling grip angle with a forward bend keeps the bar from shrinking the cockpit.

The Cletus extensions are specially designed for the Clarence Bar and are not a fixed design. You can angle them up or down. When facing one another (as pictured above) allows space for accessories or to use the area as a hand rest, additionally using them as forward-facing grips when you want to reduce wind resistance or stretch your back on long rides.

Specs: 6061 T-6 aluminum, 31.8mm center, 670mm wide, Weight with extensions: 600g

Retail: $119.99 (reflects supply chain issues)

Soma Highway 17 with Extension Bars

Soma Highway 17 with Extension Bars


Soma Fab HWY 17 with Road Extensions

Soma Fab HWY 17 wrapped

Soma Fab HWY 17 wrapped

Soma Fab HWY 17 horns up!

Hwy 17 with Road Extensions

The Hwy One bar is Soma Fab’s compact bend road bar with 130mm drop and 75mm reach, with a single groove for cables. The Hwy 17’s extensions are longer than the Cletus extensions. They also come with the same oversized clamps and shims to make it easier to negotiate around the curves during installation.
Depending on what hand position you prefer, you can rotate the horns to form a loop or have them point almost straight out… the fact that these extensions are not fixed, means the choices for positions are yours alone.

Specs: 6061 T-6 aluminum, 31.8mm center, 38 to 46cm wide, Weight with extensions: 610g

Retail: $149.99 (reflects supply chain issues)

Both of these bars are available now on Soam Fabrication’s website, here, and here!

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