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Sigma Computers Offer A Lot for A Little + Buster 1100 lumen teaser!

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German-based company SIGMA SPORT released a few price-friendly models to the ROX family of GPS bike computers back in June 2021. This release signaled the start of the largest product campaign in the history of the company.

According to SIGMA, “ROX 2.0, ROX 4.0, and ROX 11.1 EVO all feature a number of functions to support recreational and professional bikers on their tours and during training. Navigation capability and precise, readable ride data allow efficient training management and help bikers find the best routes“. This data can be analyzed with their RIDE app.

SIGMA’s Managing Director Robin Schendel says: “We have taken this opportunity to fundamentally re-orient the company and take a big step into the future. At SIGMA we are becoming younger and more international. In the long term, we want to be the best bike accessories brand in the world.” “We can rely on our strengths to help us achieve that.” He also adds: “Almost 40 years of experience in developing and using bike computers and lighting are the core of our brand.”

The first new additions to the ROX GPS family to be introduced are the ROX 2.0, the ROX 4.0, and the ROX 11.2.

Sigma ROX 2.0 and 4.0

The Rox 2.0 (left) and 4.0 (right)

The ROX 2.0: Simplicity

“The ROX 2.0 bike computer is perfect for all those recreational athletes who use the essential advantages of a GPS bike computer but don’t want to spend much for one. It has 14 functions, such as displaying speed, distance, training time, and navigation information. Ride data can be ready easily on the large display, even during a ride. The top data field is surrounded by the Red Circle, which behaves differently for each different function, making training data display innovative and easy to read. The bike computer can be connected to the Komoot app on your smartphone. Navigation instructions are thus shown directly on the display, allowing the rider to keep his smartphone in his pocket. Use the SIGMA RIDE app to track your ride data and analyze them at any time. The RIDE APP can be used to set display views with just a few clicks during rides. The bike computer’s memory allows up to 100 hours of data to be recorded. The ROX 2.0 is e-bike-ready and can be easily connected to many e-bike systems, such as Shimano. If it is connected with a compatible e-bike system, its display shows the current assist mode, battery status, and light and other data.”

Retail: $79

ROX 4.0: Discover Your Route

“The ROX 4.0 has over 30 functions, offering everything you need on a ride. The large display is extremely easy to read, even when the bike is moving. The special Red Circle on the upper right corner of the display is highlighted in color and offers bikers an innovative, interesting training data display. The ROX 4.0 bike computer shows navigation information and connection to an e-bike and to external sensors for such items as heart rate and cadence as a matter of course. It can be connected to the app on your smartphone, which then sends turn-by-turn navigation to the ROX 4.0. Your smartphone can therefore stay in your pocket during the bike tour. A true highlight is the integrated air pressure sensor. It uses barometric readings to provide bikers with reliable information about altitude and determine inclines and declines, allowing activity to be recorded precisely. Use the RIDE app to track your ride data and analyze them at any time. The app can be used to set and adjust display views quickly, even during rides. The memory can store up to 100 hours of data. Combined with extra-long battery life (up to 25 hours), this makes the ROX 4.0 an ideal companion for even extended tours.”

Retail: $99

Sigma 11.1 EVO with color screen

The color screen of the ROX 11.1 EVO

ROX 11.1 EVO: Small, Versatile, Strong

“Whether you are trying for your best time or maintaining your fitness level, the ROX 11.1 EVO is the perfect training partner. Its more than 150 functions provide reliable support and guidance so that athletes can focus completely on their performance. Its scope of function includes tracking speed and distance with GPS, measuring barometric altitude, navigating with Track or Komoot, and compatibility with e-bikes, smart trainers, and external sensors. Navigation information and ride data can be read very easily on the 1.77-inch transmissive color display thanks to its outstanding contrast. The ROX 11.1 can be used on multiple bicycles. For this, bikers can use the pre-set sports profiles or create their own training views, each with up to six data fields. They can be highlighted in up to eight different colors, allowing a better overview and even quicker readability. The workout function allows easy training unit planning and execution. The five large operating buttons are easy to recognize and can be operated without difficulty, even with gloved hands and in all weather conditions. Up to 100 hours of riding time can be stored on the bike computer. Ride data can thus be called up quickly at any time on the ROX 11.1 EVO, the RIDE app or, after training, on your PC or MAC in the SIGMA DATA CENTER. This provides a perfect overview of training values and progress. Its sporty, compact design, innovative color display, numerous features, and ease of use make the 55-g ROX 11.1 EVO a must-have.”

SIGMA claims that when using their RIDE app, paired with all of the new ROX models, will give you seamless interaction between the ROX unit, training data, and your smartphone. They also say that while riding, live training data and the traveled route can be tracked at any time. SIGMA says the training views can be set and modified intuitively and quickly with the RIDE app, even when the bike is moving. Post-ride analysis of your training data is available on the app immediately after your training, allowing events and achievements to be shared quickly to Strava, Komoot, and TrainingPeaks. The RIDE app can also import tracks from other sources, such as GPX files. SIGMA claims that SIGMA tracks, such as those created in the SIGMA DATA CENTER, can also be synchronized in the RIDE app via the SIGMA CLOUD.

Retail: $199

SIGMA Buster 800 in action


Also New for SIGMA: Buster 800

“The new SIGMA Buster 800 light means that nothing is keeping you from nocturnal adventures. Its 800 lumens provide 170 meters (557 feet) of range – sufficient power even on dark forest trails. Five different light modes ensure flexibility with respect to luminosity and battery life. Thanks to the LED indicators on the top, you always have an eye on the current settings and remaining battery life. Five pre-set mode profiles provide greater ease of use. The environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery keeps you on the trail for up to 30 hours, depending on the light mode.”

  • Low beam: 150 lumens and a 9 hour burn time
  • Med beam: 400 lumens and a 3 hour burn time
  • High beam: 800 lumens and a 2 hour burn time
  • Night Blinking Mode: 600/200 lumens and 5 hour burn time
  • Day Blinking Mode: 200 lumens and a 30 hour burn time

Retail: $79

Sneak Peek below: New Buster 1100 coming soon!

Spotted at the Sea Otter Classic…the SIGMA Buster 1100. That’s 1100 lumen in a really small package. No pricing yet, but we will let you know when it is available.

SIGMA Buster 1100

While at Sea Otter, I snapped a few shots of the new SIGMA Buster 1100… coming soon!

SIGMA Buster 1100

Nice blurry side profile photo of the Buster 1100.

SIGMA Buster 1100

Easy to see/read battery levels.

Check out more computers, lights, and accessories at SIGMA SPORT


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