Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Skarper DiskDrive turns ANY Bike into an E-Bike with Zero Frame or Wheel Mods!

Skarper DiskDrive turns ANY Bike into an E-Bike with Zero Frame or Wheel Mods!

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If you have a rear disc brake on your current steed, you can now turn that bike into an electric bike! That’s right! Skarper claims that with zero modifications to your frame and/or wheels, you can have your favorite bike transformed into an E-bike.

Skarper DiskDrive System

Skarper Rear Disc

Photo: Skarper Technology. Replace your current rotor with the Skarper “DiskDrive” for an instant e-bike

According to Skarper, all you need to do is swap your current rotor for their proprietary “DiskDrive” rotor and it will transform your current bike into an e-bike, without compromising the rear braking ability. In all fairness, this sounds a lot like the premise of the Bimotal Elevate system… just not as powerful. While the Bimotal system offers a 750w motor, the Skarper is rated to 250W. However, the Skarper system is pretty much self contained without any wires stretching to a battery that will occupy a bottle cage. It’s worth noting that neither option is actually available for purchase yet, so it will be interesting to see which one delivers first.

Here is what they say: “Skarper has engineered a full gearbox into the space of a rear disk brake. When not electrically driven, the disk behaves exactly as a normal disk without any compromise on performance or function. Your bike is ready for an electric drive at any moment. Precision features on the disk allow the direct connection of a Skarper motor drive unit whenever desired.”

The Skarper Drive Unit

Skarper E-Bike

Photo: Skarper Technology Skarper Drive Unit attaches to the disc side chainstay.

“A state-of-the-art electronic drive system has been integrated into a compact drive unit. High capacity Lithium cells provide class-leading range and weight*. A high torque brushless motor provides smooth power delivery to tackle any urban terrain. The drive unit has been engineered to click onto the DiskDrive™ to instantly transform your bike into the ultimate e-bike.” 

*We’re not exactly sure what “class” they’re considering, but we’d assume the Bimotal system would be included. In that case, the Bimotal system claims to be lighter at 2.7kg vs. 3kg, and includes a slightly larger capacity battery at 250Wh.

Dynamic Climb™

“To provide all the power you need whilst remaining energy efficient we developed DynamicClimb™ – a bespoke algorithm using a suite of wireless sensors, that measures the rider’s output, road incline and monitors drive unit parameters thousands of times a second. DynamicClimb™ delivers a smooth and powerful ride. Whether it’s accelerating ahead of traffic at a red light, or climbing that steep hill on the way home – DynamicClimb™ will provide the power you need.”


Torque: 50 Nm
Motor: 250W rated
Weight: 3 kg + 300g for DiskDrive rotor
Battery Wh: 202wh
Charge from empty to full:
Range: Up to 60 km
Drive Type: DiskDrive™
Top speed: 32km/h (restricted to 25km/h in relevant countries)
Range on 30 min charge: 15-20 km

Pricing hasn’t been releases for this product on their website. But, you can be notified when they are available for purchase here.


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