Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Road to Philly Bike Expo 2022: New Exhibitors add up to one of the biggest shows yet!

Road to Philly Bike Expo 2022: New Exhibitors add up to one of the biggest shows yet!

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We’re less than a month away from the Philly Bike Expo, with the show returning to Philadelphia, PA the weekend of October 29th! As usual, there are a number of great brands and speakers scheduled to attend.

That includes a number of new exhibitors that will be attending this year for the first time – according to PBE, the exhibitor list numbers are up 23% over 2021. And from that list, let’s start with the frame builders. Frame building has always been featured at the PBE – after all, the show was founded by legendary frame builder Stephen Bilenky, of Bilenky Cycle Works.

And with the cancellation of NAHBS 2022, the exhibitor list of frame builders looks to have grown even more for PBE 2022 – further cementing the Philly Bike Expo’s place as one of the premier bicycle shows in the United States.

Frame Builders Showing for the first time at PBE 2022

Acoustic Cycles

Breadwinner Cycles

Breadwinner Cycles G-Road

Photo c. Breadwinner Cycles

Certainly not a new builder, but this will be Breadwinner Cycles’ first time at the PBE. After Ira and Tony collaborated with Rapha and built prototype bikes for Detroit’s Shinola, Breadwinner Cycles was born. According to their website, “Ira and Tony continue to design and craft every custom Breadwinner bicycle with their small team, a process that stems from their love of riding and creating quality objects”.

Breadwinner is one of my favorite brands to “Instagram ogle” over the last few years, and we may have a sneak peek at their showpiece soon. Stay tuned!

Chandi Bicycles

Chattanooga, Tennessee’s own Chandi Bicycles is a frame shop where you can get a high-end custom titanium frame built for you. Chandi Bicycles was founded by Richie Moore and Eric Tittsworth, and according to their website, “Bicycles are our candy. After years of working on all sides of the bicycle industry, Eric and Richie thought it was time to come together, combine their knowledge and love of bicycles, and build the frame that everyone was wanting”.

Corvid Cycles

All Corvids are said to be constructed from aerospace grade 3Al-2.5V CWSR (cold worked stress relieved) titanium tubing.

According to their website, under the title “Take Flight”, Corvid Cycles’ founder Chad says that Bicycles are his passion.

“Whether they be trail shredders, gravel crushers, ultra racers or daily commuters, I believe all bicycles are beautiful”. He continues, “A bike should complement its rider perfectly, and everyone should be able to experience the joys of cycling regardless of physical ability, gender identity, race or religion. These principals drive everything I do”.

Chad seems to have committed publicly to supporting diversity in our industry back in 2020, which is of great interest to me, and with his statement: “Titanium Bicycles for Every Body”… you know I will be twisting his ear at the expo as well. 🙂 #allbodiesonbikes

More Small Frame Builders

Check out these Instagram accounts of some of the other frame builders showcasing their beautiful creations at the Philly Bike Expo… after you check out the eye candy on their websites, and social media accounts, you’ll understand why they’ll be topping my list of booths to visit upon my arrival at the expo!

Alex Meade

Booomers Bamboo


Hot Salad

Liberation Fabrication



Sal’s Bikes

Below is a full list of the brands that are exhibiting for the first time at the Philly Bike Expo 2022:

Frame Builders

Acoustic Cycles
Alex Meade
Booomers Bamboo
Hot Salad
Liberation Fabrication
Sal’s Bikes
Wzrd Bikes

Accessories & Apparel

Bullmoose Softgoods
Reroot Outdoors
Route Werx
Take a Trip Bags
Via Velo


Black Girls do Bike
Early Childhood Mobility Coalition
Inspyrd Movement
Pennsylvania Downtown Center

Bike Manufacturers

Buddy Bike
Bunch Bikes
Cardinal Cycling Group (Detroit Bikes)
Stein & Fenton

Bike Shops

Golden Velo
Keswick Cycle


Lun Wheels



Also, check out the full list of exhibitors for the 2022 Philly Bike Expo here, and the link below for show info including how to purchase tickets.


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