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Kids Ride Shotgun Seat 2.0 Carries Heavier Kids, Now More Adjustable

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Kids Ride Shotgun has released the Shotgun Seat 2.0 with an increased weight capacity of 27 kg, up from the 22 kg capacity of the original. It also sees some key revisions that make it easier to use for both the child and their engine/guardian, with increased adjustability so that as the child grows, so can the seat. Retail price is £130.

kids ride shotgun 2.0 quick release seat

Kids Ride Shotgun Seat 2.0

The Shotgun 2.0 seat, shown to us at CORE Bike, now features a quick-release axle that runs through the stunt pegs pedals, making it quicker and easier to install compared to the original which has the more rudimentary-looking nuts and bolts. With that change, the 2.0 Seat looks a lot more refined and engineered. The mounting portions are fully rubberized to ensure your carbon or alloy frame remains free of scratches.

kidsrideshotgun pro saddle angle adjust

The saddle is also upgraded to the Pro version, giving the child a lower ride height for added stability. The angle of the saddle is adjustable with use of an allen key. And, there is a new 40mm leg length adjustment feature, allowing the Seat 2.0 to fit taller kids.

Trevor Worsey of Kids Ride Shotgun tested this one on a 4-Day 165 km bikepacking trip through New Zealand, taking in the Timber Trail and the Moerangi Track. Well, strictly speaking, his son tested it. Pretty adventurous, right? Clearly, this isn’t just a wee gadget for a quick lap of the Trail Center on a Sunday afternoon.

kids ride shotgun bike seat moerangi trail rainforest tracks bikepacking trip nz
Trev and son enjoying the virgin rainforest tracks of the Moerangi Trail

The seat attaches to the top tube via a friction fit, with not so much clamping force as you might think. The brand has over 100,000 of its original Shotgun Seat in the market and we are told they’ve had no instances of crushed tubing. And, after many conversations with bike manufacturers the world over, none have suggested this would void any warranty policies. Two brands conducted load case analyses and raised no issues.

kids ride shotgun pro seat raaw

For folk still not stoked on putting their toddler’s weight through the bike’s top tube, the ultimate solution would be the Kids Ride Shotgun Pro Seat that installs via clamps on the seat post and the headset, with no frame contact necessary whatsoever. That one is a little more expensive, though, retailing at £225.

The Pro Seat comes with two sets of mounting hardware, so you can switch the seat between bikes mid-ride if you need to palm the child off on your riding partner for a break! At CORE Bike, Trevor demonstrated how quick and easy the process is; I swear it took him no longer than 10 seconds to remove it from this Raaw.

kids ride shotgun bar 2.0

There’s also a 2.0 Shotgun Bar, updated with the Shotgun Pro grip that is just 19mm thick – better for smaller hands to wrap around. The clamp region is available with insert spacers to fit either 35mm or 31.8mm bars. This one retails at £35. However, if you buy the Shotgun Seat 2.0 and Handlebar 2.0 as a bundle, you get a small discount with the lot coming to £155.

kids ride shotgun dirt hero balance bike

Also on display at CORE Bike was the Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero Balance Bike, and these radical-looking semi-windproof jerseys.



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