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Revel Bikes Opens New Facility in Taiwan to Support Continued Growth

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Just over 10 years ago, we were just hearing from Adam Miller about a carbon fat bike. Little did we know then that Adam would go on to start Why Cycles, and then his dream of Revel Bikes. It was pretty clear from those early days though, that Adam and the teams he surrounds himself with know their way around bikes.

That uncanny ability to create hit after hit has led to the meteoric rise of Revel Bikes as a company. It doesn’t even seem possible that Revel launched their carbon mountain bike frames with Canfield Balance Formula supsension just four years ago, but here we are.

Revel Bikes Taiwan

This week, Revel is announcing that they’re taking the next huge step as a company – opening their own facility in Taiwan. Revel Bikes Taiwan is located in Taichung specifically, and the brand sees it as the next step in improving relations with their manufacturing partners and growing the brand.

It also means that all of the frame assembly and component sourcing will be done in-house and by Revel employees rather than being outsourced to other organizations in Taiwain. These new employees are in addition to the 30+ employees that Revel currently has at their Carbondale, CO facility.

No only will Revel employees be responsible for more steps in the supply chain now, but the geographic location of Revel Bikes Taiwan will also better serve their Asian, Australian and European customers with frames and eventually complete bikes shipping out direct from Taiwan.

Adam Miller in Revel Bikes Taiwan
Adam Miller in the new Revel Bikes Taiwan

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be opening this facility after only 4 years of Revel being a company. I have spent a lot of time in Asia and I thoroughly appreciate working with so many great people who are passionate about making great products. With the support of our phenomenal staff in Taiwan, I know this will be a huge step forward in building out the best infrastructure for our company so we can continue to make better and better bikes. With Revel Taiwan, we are one step closer to fulfilling our dream of seeing Revels in every corner of the world” – Adam Miller, Founder and CEO.



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