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Prologo Launches Its First Ergonomic Saddle for Women

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Prologo saddles have carried some of the world’s top athletes to titles ranging from the yellow jersey of the Tour de France to victories in one-day cycling Monuments and even a couple of Everesting and FKT records on some of the hardest trails in the world.

Tadej Pogačar and Lachlan Morton are among pro riders who swear by the saddles. But while Prologo has offered women-specific saddles in the past, most of the brand’s saddles have been unisex, rather than designed to meet specific needs associated with male or female anatomy. But now, the brand is primed to bring more female riders into the fold with its all-new Scratch EVA saddle.

Prologo Scratch EVA saddle from top and side
Prologo’s new Scratch EVA is the brand’s first ergonomic saddle for women. Photo c. Prologo

Prologo bills the saddle as the brand’s first-ever ergonomic saddle for women, and says it’s designed to maximize performance and comfort for ladies ranging from World Tour riders to enthusiasts looking to find the sweet spot that offers both comfort and performance.

Prologo Scratch EVA Development

Despite the fact that the Scratch EVA has only been on the road for a little more than a year, and largely in prototype form, the saddle already has some significant accolades.

Prologo has been busy developing the saddle with the help of five pro teams and direct input from FDJ SUEZ Futuroscope’s star rider Marta Cavalli. You can watch Cavalli provide her input in the latest commercial from Prologo at the launch of the Scratch EVA.

FDJ SUEX Futuroscope's Marta Cavalli holding the new Scratch EVA saddle
FDJ SUEX Futuroscope’s Marta Cavalli has put the Scratch EVA through the gauntlet of World Tour racing since 2021. Photo c. Prologo

Cavalli used a prototype of the saddle shortly after it arrived for field testing in 2021. Throughout her training and race season, she offered insights and recommendations that allowed Prologo to tweak the design until it landed on the perfect model. The result carried Cavalli to wins at the Amstel Gold Race and Le Flèche Wallonne.

Prologo Scratch EVA Design

At first glance, the Scratch EVA has a similar T-shape as the brand’s Scratch M5 saddle, a tried-and-tested favorite of many World Tour riders.

Prologo’s Scratch EVA uses different EVA foams across the saddle to support different parts of the body. Photo c. Prologo

However, the Scratch EVA features a 5mm shift in the saddle’s anatomical center that better fits to the female body and adds more surface support to the pelvis.

The saddle still has tight dimensions at 245 x 140 mm, but it’s more comfortable and allows for freedom of movement in a variety of aggressive or relaxed body positions and pedaling efforts.

Prologo Scratch EVA Features

As its name would suggest, the Scratch EVA incorporates EVA foams in different densities throughout the saddle. The rear of the saddle includes thicker padding made with high-density foam to support the ischial (sits) bones. The middle and front of the saddle transition to a lower-density foam and thinner padding to protect soft tissue and cut out pressure points.

Prologo Scratch EVA women's saddle top view
Prologo’s Scratch EVA saddle features a similar T-shape to the brand’s Scratch M5 saddle. Photo c. Prologo

The saddle also uses Prologo’s Active Base System, which includes a base with a hole in the middle to further relieve pressure, along with a nose widened by about 10 mm and angled down for additional support on steep climbs.

Altogether, Prologo says these features result in a saddle that is tailor-made to stop numbness, pain, and reductions in blood circulation for female riders.

Prologo Scratch EVA Builds and Pricing

Prologo’s Scratch EVA comes in a couple of different builds to suit different riders. Those who want a rigid, lightweight saddle focused on performance can pick up the Scratch EVA with Nack nano carbon fiber rails built with a mix of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and aluminum filaments. This version reduces the weight of the saddle by about 183 g and is already a staple in all of Prologo’s top-tier saddles.

Prologo Scratch EVA saddle with Nack nano carbon fiber rails
Prologo’s Scratch EVA is available with Nack nano carbon fiber rails that include carbon fiber, Kevlar, and aluminum filaments that drop weight and increase stiffness. Photo c. Prologo

For those who are more concerned about comfort than stiffness and weight, the Scratch EVA is also available with a TiroX light alloy steel rail that trades stiffness for vibration absorption for a more comfortable feel that weighs in at 232 grams.

Prologo Scratch EVA with TiroX light alloy steel rails
The Prologo Scratch EVA also comes in a TiroX light alloy steel rail build that absorbs vibration and increases comfort. Photo c. Prologo

The Scratch EVA with the Nack rail goes for a MSRP of about $235, while the TiroX alloy rail version goes for a MSRP of about $150.

Both are currently available at Prologo.it and at Prologo dealers around the world.

This post is sponsored by Prologo. Learn more about the Scratch EVA and other products at Prologo.it.


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