Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes All-Wings EVO 4.0 Super Hornet takes flight with padded saddle design for the longest rides

All-Wings EVO 4.0 Super Hornet takes flight with padded saddle design for the longest rides

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Taiwanese saddle manufacturer, All-Wings, has introduced the EVO 4.0 Super Hornet to its line-up of radical-looking bicycle saddles. This one is positioned as a saddle for ultra-endurance riding; journeys where distance exceeds 150 km, and for riders who who prefer to do away with a chamois. It is the first All-Wings saddle to feature integrated EVA foam, positioned exclusively at the sit bone region either side of a deep cut-out region at the center. Here’s what we know so far.

All-Wings EVO 4.0 Super Hornet

The EVO 4.0 weighs in at a claimed 190g, constructed with a Nylon platform on a one-piece CrMo rail, with a lightweight EVA foam at the sit bone area. It does not replace the original non-padded Falcon saddle first shown at Taipei Cycle Show back in 2019. This one is slightly smaller and lighter than the EVO 3.0 Falcon, with a length of just 13.5 cm and a width of 28 cm. Stack height from the rail to the top of the saddle is 7 cm. The maximum rider weight is 100 kg.

all-wings 4 evo super horent radical bicycle saddle design

Could the All-Wings EVO 4.0 Super Hornet saddle be everything you need and nothing you don’t?

The EVO 4.0 Super Hornet saddle can be ridden in what All-Wings call Battle Mode, or Grand Touring Mode, relating to rides of 150 km per day, and 300 km per day, respectively. Battle mode is essentially bare, with the Grand Touring Mode including 5mm EVA foam, said to eliminate the need for a chamois.

all wings 4.0 evo super hornet bike saddle details

The sit bone region is situated just inboard of the “outer rail”, permitting some degree of vertical flex between the weight bearing portion and the central region clamped to the seat post

We’ve asked All-Wings to provide us with more information relating to fit, as well as information of pricing and availability. Watch this space.



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