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OKAI EB20 electric mountain bike unveils new touchscreen, torque sensor

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Electric mobility-giant OKAI has taken to CES 2022 to unveil its latest electric two-wheeler, the OKAI EB20.

Following the company’s launch of a high performance electric scooter comes this new announcement from the company, revealing a slick-looking electric mountain bike.

The EB20 features a carbon fiber full-suspension frame and uses an array of high-end components.

The suspension is a four-link design that OKAI says is “fully compatible with a broad range of professional MTB components.”

It’s a move towards a more premium-level product than we’ve seen from the company in the past.

And that’s all part of the plan, explains OKAI’s founder Jiangto Lu:

“At CES this year we are delighted to demo landmark next generation products tailored specifically for today’s modern mobile professionals. These products offer a unique experience that marries security and safety, with professional grade components, and innovation where it really matters.”

The company claims the bike’s mid-drive motor is a 750W unit with a peak output of 950W. But a closer look reveals it to be the Bafang Ultra motor, which is one of the most powerful mid-drive motors available in the e-bike market.

OKAI may be software-limiting the motor to a maximum of 950W, but it is known to surpass 1,800W on many e-bikes.

The motor includes a torque sensor, which is a more refined and higher quality method of providing pedal assist on electric bikes. Instead of measuring how fast a rider is pedaling, which is how cheaper systems work, a torque sensor measures how hard a rider is pedaling and provides appropriate motor assistance to compliment the rider’s effort.

OKAI also mentions that the motor can be swapped for 250W or 500W versions, presumably to match regulations in various countries that restrict e-bike power.

The bike is powered by a 48V and 14.7Ah battery using Samsung cells. That provides 700 Wh of capacity, making it one of the larger batteries available in the electric mountain bike market.

OKAI claims that it should provide a range of around 43 miles (70 km) per charge.

When the battery is depleted, it can be removed from the bike to allow for remote charging or charged directly on the bike.

Braking is accomplished with a pair of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and a Shimano XT deraileur is paired with a thumb shifter for the transmission.

The EB20 will also include a 2.5 watt headlight.

Rounding out the tech side of the bike, OKAI says that a 2.8″ touchscreen will be incorporated into the headstock. A foldable key and NFC unlocking options will provide riders low-tech and high-tech options for operating the bike.

OKAI has yet to announce a price for the new model or its availability. The manufacturer is in the process of bring many new electric two-wheelers to market though, so we expect the EB20 to be among them soon.

We had the chance to visit OKAI’s demo booth at Eurobike last fall, which you can see at 8:12 in the video below.

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